2016, Staying Warm, Drafts of Posts

I’m still trying to find a voice for this blog. It isn’t easy, so, instead of shying away from writing, I have to keep reading other blogs, changing appearance, and writing different drafts. Including this draft I have five already. I know. I shouldn’t have five drafts, in a perfect world, I would write something, and publish it, but every writer should know that isn’t how it goes. At least in some circumstances.

So, it’s December 30th, and I hope you are all still on your feet after Christmas. 2015 only has a few days left in its book. All the gifts have been unwrapped, and the radio stations that played Christmas music are playing “regular life” stuff once again, people are using their gift cards, and eating the last of their chocolate.

Oh well. The holiday cheer is gone, and there is frost and cold sun everywhere. My feet have been freezing the past few days.

For some people, Christmas being over is a HUGE RELIEF, and for some people, they sing the blues.


So, now that tomorrow is THE VERY LAST DAY OF 2015, I’ll have to say that it has been pretty rough year. Not personally for me. I didn’t mind it, but for the world, 2015 wasn’t exactly the best year. Well, neither was 2014. I think we had higher hopes for this year. Of course, today or tomorrow, we could possibly get a miracle, so that 2015 wasn’t all that bad, like Islamic State realized their evil sins, and started rebuilding everybody’s homes.

1        2         3          4        5         6          7         8      9      10

Unlikeliness scale: (1 being the least unlikely)

So to interpret that scale, the chances of ISIS becoming nice, is off the side of your computer somewhere across the globe. That’s why you can’t see the dot.

Fashion: Staying Warm

Since it has been so cold lately, at least where I live, I have been trying to wear clothes that don’t look completely dorky. It’s obvious that I can’t wear what this woman is wearing (pictured), (if I could that would be awesome), but I can at least try to stay on top of looking normal. nunofeltedjacket

So first of all you have to stay warm. Answer: Thermals.

Wear thermals always during cold weather they will keep you warm. At least wear the bottom part.

Staying in Style. (There are a trillion answers to that, but I’ll list one for keeping warm) Answer: Yoga pants. You can wear them over your thermals, that way, you cannot see that you have thermals. But the sad fact is that, when wearing thermals, you won’t be able to wear jeans.

For tops: Button up blouses are good for a winter look, but not exactly the winter weather. They work well with cardigans. If you wear a cardigan at all times over your shirt, then you will stay warm, and still have that cozy winter look.

Keeping your feet warm: Answer: Boots and Woolen socks

Almost everything looks good with black leather boots. I mean, they are black after all? With boots, you will be able to conceal your socks, and still keep warm, and be able to walk through things you wouldn’t want to walk through when you are wearing sandals.

Daily Life After Christmas

After you’ve been listening to holiday music for the past month, it is hard to adjust to other music. Lately I’ve been listening to a lot of Beyoncé, but I doubt that has anything to do with the Christmas music. Her music is a lot different than 40s crooners singing about all the toys kids will get from Santa Claus.

I’m going to finish off with some links to some really awesome blogs I’ve been reading lately.


I know people don’t like it when things are misspelled on purpose, but I like lynxes. Actually, all cats in general. Oh, and by the way, when I say “lynx” I’m saying that I’m going to give you some links.

The reason for linking you up to these blogs is that I want everybody’s blogs to be read, we can’t have any unheard bloggers. Everybody’s voice counts.

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