I’m Being Cynical!

Last night I watched a movie for the first time. Well, no – I watched a movie that I haven’t watched before. Star Wars: A New Hope. Star Wars. And what did I think of it? A little bit disappointing in fact. When I heard about Star Wars for approximately the past 13 years, or, 11 years – since I could really comprehend what people were saying, I heard Star Wars this, Star Wars that, and about the huge meaning behind it, and the philosophical bits, and the archetypes etc., but the fact is, there was no dialogue. Zero. Nada. OK, well there are the parts where Luke talks to Obi Wan Kenobi, and his aunt and uncle, but aside from that it is all action, and hard to understand.

The fact is, I am being very, very cynical, I mean, I’m talking about Star Wars after all, it is Star Wars, it is worshipped.

Now, Star Wars is really well done considering that it did not involve the magic of computers.

It was a good movie, it was generic, enjoyable, and comfortable to watch. I liked CP30 and R2D2.

There was a ticking clock. A movie is not a movie without a ticking clock, so over all, it really wasn’t that bad. I liked it.

But I think if I’ve gone too long without a taste of a American cultural thing, then I am bound to be disappointed. By the way.

An example?


It is an amazing place. Candy shops, fun rides, trees, and California sun. Before August of 2013 I was ecstatic because I was going to be going to Disneyland. In preschool, little kids talked about Disneyland in hushed, excited voices. When I was older the children around me would beg for tickets to Disneyland. I created an imaginary world. Disneyland. The land where everything is beautiful, vast expanses of fun, and sweets and glory, and sun, and colors. By the time I was in fifth grade, Disneyland was in the back of my head, it had established itself from things I heard. Heaven on earth.

When I went there, this is what I thought of it:

  • Very Small
  • Not that many things
  • Not as amusing
  • But still fun.

But how could anyone blame me? I mean really, I had heard to much bout how amazing it was. I had established a kid – heaven. Nothing could live up to that.



Shuffling My Music

I apologize for not posting for a very long time. Right now I did a kind of Music Tag thing, but it isn’t the actual Music Tag. 

I have 4 songs that were produced from Shuffle, and I will thus review each of these random songs.

I will also rate them.

  1. The Story of Beauty – Destiny’s Child ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️

This song tells a story. It was released in 2001 and is by Destiny’s Child, which probably is my favorite band, which features the ever-mind-blowing Beyoncé. It is about a girl, who has hard times, but she is beautiful and strong. It is a very fast-paced song.

2. Fire Burns – Nicki Minaj ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️

This is an all-singing no-rapping song by Nicki Minaj. She is an actually really good singer, almost as good as she is at rapping.  It is a revenge song to an (ex ?) She realizes she’s not as good as she thought, and then wishes him the opposite of best.

3. Only 1 – Ariana Grande ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️

This is a very sweet song, and kind of reminds me of Santa Tell Me, is slightly catchy.

4. Words – Seinabo Sey ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️

Wow, I love Seinabo’s music. The genre is kind of hard to explain, kind of a soul song, without the belting that comes with soul. She sings with a deep voice, against a backdrop of tropical drums, and after each chorus is a beautiful piano solo. There are also quick violins, as well as piano and drums.

Well, anyway, that was a little taste of my music library for you. I am always someone to be curious about people’s music libraries, which is really weird of me, but it is true. Weird.




Chapter 3 – A Big Change

Branwenn went home with her face, clothes, and long, dark hair caked in mud, and a raven on her shoulder. She wasn’t scared anymore. The raven was by her side protecting her. She was elated. She felt free.

There was something so amazing about having a bird on your shoulder. A bird who wanted to be there. She couldn’t help but go home quickly. As she drew nearer to her street, she realized that having a bird in the house might not be a good idea. She had never thought, when she read The Raven that the bird might have pooped all over the guy’s door frame. She was about to lift the raven off her shoulder, when he flew away by himself, flapping his wings slowly yet gracefully through the air. Branwenn opened the door, wiped off her shoes and headed straight for the shower.

The next school day was horrible. Branwenn’s friends had seen her run off toward the park in a fit of screams instead of getting in the car with her Mom, and wouldn’t even look at her. When Jason, a tenth grader, asked Karrey, “Wait, you and that girl Branwenn are friends right? You sold the Girl Scout cookies last fall together?” Karrey tried to persuade him that he had a severe case of amnesia and that she, Hazel, Fern, and Amber were not friends with Branwenn, and then spit on the floor with disgust.

This, and not to mention the fact that Branwenn’s mother was furious at her. She had missed the usual milk and cookies, and homework review that was she and her mother’s tradition, and her mother was terribly worried about her, especially when she tracked all the mud in the house. So, Branwenn had to do extra dishes that night, and Tuesday night.

Branwenn lay awake in bed, staring at the ceiling. The rain had ceased. Branwenn’s eyes began to water to no end. She started to sob, so she rolled over to let the tears soak into her pillow. In about an hour of sleepless tears, Branwenn’s eyes seemed to clear up, and her mind came back to order. Tomorrow, she was going to do something really, really, nice on her own. Her parents were going to a conference, in Nevada and they were leaving to drive south from where they lived in Oregon that night. Branwenn was going to be all alone. Her heart leapt. She was going to play hooky.

She slipped out of bed, and turned on her LED desk lamp, then she scribbled a list of things she would do tomorrow, to get her life back in order.

She folded it up, and set an alarm for 4:30 AM. Then she slipped the list under her pillow, and fell asleep.

In the morning, at 4:31, Branwenn was getting dressed. She went through her wardrobe, and picked an outfit that she wouldn’t usually wear. The sun was shining outside, so it meant she could wear cooler clothes than usual. She wore black tank top with a ruffly white chemise, and a crimson red skirt. She wore dark green eye shadow and siren red lipstick. Today was her day. Black nylons and tan, heeled lace-up boots. She emptied her piggy bank, and got ready for an amazing day. She glanced at her list:

  • Go out for breakfast
  • Get a haircut
  • Make 3 new friends
  • Get new clothes
  • Eat pizza for lunch
  • Give all old clothes to Goodwill
  • Get an after-school job,
  • Go to a dance.

Branwenn took a deep breath. She was going to do it. Every single thing on her list, in one day. She had 600 dollars that she had saved up since she was 6 in her piggy bank. She took a deep breath. She knew that once a month the community center held a dance for teens to socialize. Today was the day.





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Definitely try it out.

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Rain and Writing

Written Morning of January 19

Remember when yesterday I said that the sky was red, and it probably meant it was going to rain? I was right. The rain is pouring down, as if it was much needed, which it isn’t, because it has been raining for the past few months like this. Fields are being turned into lakes, and ditches into rivers. hild
The windows don’t need washing. Rain is gushing down t
heir sides. Rain is weighing down the plants, wet, and dripping with capsules of mirrors. Or raindrops. When I woke up this morning it was dark. I read my book for a long time. It is called Hild and is 536 pages long, I’m on page 191, and I swear I started it a year ago. It is big, thick, and hard to read, gory, but beautiful. I hope that I’ll finish it this year. I’m not the slowest book reader, but the pages are so big, and the writing is so small, that 191 pages is not what someone would think as your average 191 pages.

The book is perfect for a rain-washed January morning. This morning, the lamp is not glowing anymore. I’d give you a playlist, but I’m not listening to any music right now: Here is the music I got yesterday:

  • Right Thru Me – Nicki Minaj (clean version)
  • Keep It Cool – Kelela
  • Do Ya Thang – Rihanna (clean version)
  • Kill ‘Em With Kindness – Selena Gomez

After reading a little bit, (I made over ten pages!!!), I started writing more of my novel. That too, is really fun to write while the rain is falling, pounding everything, and making itself heard.


It is an outlet while you write, and really nice, while your fingers tap furiously on your keyboard, and the rain taps furiously on the roof.

That, I’m going to say is awesome, and just to let you know it has been about an hour since I started writing this post, because I was writing – mostly, more of what little I let you see on this picture of my computer screen. Basically, the main character gets in a feminist shout-down with her jerky male companion, and rides off through the woods on a horse. Just saying.

Today I wouldn’t mind going out in the rain, and I think I will – if my feet don’t kill me for it. Last night, I soaked my feet in water, and ice cream salt, and other things that people soak there feet in, and it wasn’t bad at all. Not like I didn’t expect it to be bad, but I’m merely understating. It was really nice. Maybe I’ll take my foot spa further today???

I’ll ket you know. Until then…




Chapter 2 – Mudbank

If you haven’t read Chapter 1 you can catch up here

Branwenn opened her eyes. Rain still poured down her bedroom walls. She remembered the smiling raven from yesterday, and rolled over, to cover her eyes from the impending future of seeing the raven again. She didn’t want to. She knew if she did, she would have to see the look on the raven’s face, staring down at her with that cold look – a look that Branwenn had never seen before on anybody else.

Branwenn sighed, trying to push the thought of the raven out of her mind. She reached for her iPhone, and checked her Twitter feed. Her friends had tweeted a picture of them ice skating yesterday. She sighed with longing. Why not her? Why not Branwenn? What had she done? She logged onto Instagram, and posted a picture of rain trickling down her window. Then, she began to cry. She tossed her phone across the room, and buried her face in her pillow.

She dressed, ate a roll, and then climbed into the car after her mom. It was time to go to school. To face the music. Her mom dropped her off on the curbside. Branwenn stumbled out of the car, her backpack swinging by her side. Swoosh! Branwenn looked up, a big black bird has swooped across her line of sight, she whirled around on her heel. There was the bird, high in the sky, circling above her, looking down at her. Branwenn blinked. She walked into the building, her footsteps echoing down the halls. She located her friend Karrey walking into History. She ran behind her. “Wait!”

“Hi.” Karrey, said, without looking at Branwenn, sighed, and then keep walking, the sound of her heels clip-clapping on the floor.

“Karrey what was the deal with ice-skating yesterday?”

“What? I don’t know what you’re talking about.” Karrey scoffed, and slammed her books on her desk. “Get lost, Bran”

Branwenn was furious. With Karrey, always leading she and her friends, while they followed loyally behind, doing whatever she wanted, Branwenn knew that now she had been rejected. Nobody talked to her that day. Nobody looked at. While she took notes, she scribbled furiously, and tore part of the page.

When the day was finally over, Branwenn ran out. Swoosh. The raven was still there. He seemed to be following her. Branwenn wanted to scream, but instead she did so in her head. She ran, her heart thumped.

She sped blindly through the park. Her mom should be waiting by the school. She tripped over brush, and then dove headlong into the muddy water of a creek bed.

Spitting and spluttering, Branwenn rolled over. She attempted to wipe the mud off her eyes and mouth. The raven was sitting on a branch, only inches from her face, he was sitting there, and smiling at her. At first, Branwenn didn’t want to look, but the eyes glimmered in such a way, that her fast heartbeat slowed, and she began to recognize something in the raven’s eyes that she had never seen before. The raven was friendly. She watched as it finally lifted its wings, and flapped steadily through the air, landing on her shoulder.


A Little Bit of Advice

This is my third post for The New Generation Thing. Hideaway Girl just posted her challenge a little bit of advice today, so I’m excited to get writing. By the way, I really think you should take on this challenge, it is really fun, I look forward to every new installment!

Advice: (Raven Wings Defintion) An experience that happens to a person. The person uses the experience as a tool to teach others about how to make the experience, easier, better, etc. 

My advice is about how to have courage. All of us are scared. Fear is one thing and at times it can be good to have. It protects you. But when fear is stopping you from doing something really fun, or it is stopping you from anything really, that isn’t jumping off a cliff or that kind of thing, then fear can be pushed aside.

Fear has given me traumatic experiences. Fear has slowed me down. When fear happens, I tell myself that fear is not a thing. It is a mental block. It kept me from learning how to swim until I was ten years old, it still keeps me from doing important things. I am now just learning what I could have learned ages ago because of fear.

And it is just a concept. It is just a voice in my brain, a very strict parent. To get rid of fear you need tools. I use power songs. I play these songs in my head, and tell myself that if I have the right attitude, I can do anything. I just have to have the right attitude, and save fear for a time when I really need it. You can do just as much as anybody else around you.

Ariana, xx



Lamp Glow

Since it is so hard to come up with titles (DON’T PANIC I’M NOT ABOUT TO SAY THAT I’LL START NAMING MY TITLES “UNTITLED” OR WHATEVER) my new method will be to write, and then come up with an appropriate title.

It is January, therefore it rained all night last night. It rained into the early morning, and right now it is early morning, but the clouds are just drifting around, masking the white sky. I love to write about the sky, I don’t know why, it is just something that I love to do. And always, while the sky and it’s clouds are dark and gloomy, and I’m safe in my bed, and blah blah blah, the house that I can see from far away has a warm, bright lamp glow. It is very cozy. Even early in the morning it glows.

FullSizeRender 61.jpgAn idea of what the sky looks like at the moment. (Not so red anymore)

So, my feet still happen to be suffering from the excruciatingly painful consequence of my feet changing temperatures too quickly. I just need to teach myself to wear socks. Once I’ve done that, then my feet and I will live in peaceful harmony.

So far, after writing Chapter 1 of what I’m calling “Corvus Sapientia”, and I don’t know if you’ve read it or not, but it isn’t bad, I am pretty satisfied with myself, and am getting up some courage to write your next installment! 😉


My friends and I have been creating a Trump-bashing show on iMovie, and it is really awesome. I’m angry I can take it out on Donald Trump!!!!😖 But, I am not going to rant about politics, because I want to keep this blog a safe haven from my liberal ramblings, that might offend some people.

Anyway, yesterday the movie club made an awesome movie, which I thought, personally was really good. I played an FBI agent.

The sky is all red and orange, which probably means that it is going to rain even harder. I’m not saying I don’t like the rain, but it can be a little tricky when my friends are vacationing in sunny, tropical places at the moment.



Em is very new to WordPress, and still has an awesome blog with tips, and stuff. You should really check it out!



Surprise Nomination To TheAmbivert

Since I listed my nominees for The Black Cat, Blue Sea Award, one of my nominees deleted her site and is therefore unable to nominate. The award still goes to her, because her blog was wonderful, she totally deserved the award.

The Black Cat, Blue Sea Award

But I can’t let any potential nominees go un-nominated, if my award is able to circulate, it means that it will have to be passed through to somebody else.

When I made my nominations, I realized that I had not thought of nominating TheAmbivert, and since she is an amazingly amazing writer, and has an equally as amazingly amazing blog, I am going to nominate her, she totally deserves it.

This is a very special exception, and I hope I am not hurting anyone’s feelings in the process. The original nominee still gets her nomination, (like I said she deserved it), but I am also going to nominate Ambi so that it passes through.

The rules for the nomination are here

Ariana, xo


Chapter 1 – The Bird On The Flagpole

It rains in January. It snows but I It mostly it rains. It was Sunday, and Branwenn’s friends had not invited her to go to the ice skating rink. They usually did. On Friday, she had heard them talking about going, they were whispering loudly to each other, talking about how they would have a massive sleepover on Saturday night, and then go ice skating the next day. This was the second week after winter break, and nobody had talked to her. Branwenn had absolutely no clue why. So here she was reading, listening to the rain pelt her bedroom window, and trying to not think about her friends laughing over hot cocoa and popcorn in the skating rink lobby.

Out of all the books she could be reading, she had decided to pick a collection of Edgar Allan Poe short stories and poems. A sure sign that she wasn’t feeling at her best spirits today. She was reading “The Raven”.

Ah, distinctly I remember it was in the bleak December and each separate, dying ember wrought its ghost upon the floor.

Branwenn had just survived reading “The Black Cat”, and she was ready to plow through something a little less saddening. But this seemed impossible, especially with this poem. Well, with anything by Poe. She looked outside to stretch her eyes, and saw a raven, sitting calmly on the flagpole across the street, at the town hall. She looked closely. There was no denying that the bird was watching her. Brandon stiffened, and then looked back down at the leather book. The bird was now sitting on a “pallid bust of pallas”. It was looking at the man, and saying “Nevermore.” It just kept saying it at the man. Branwenn couldn’t help but look up again. The bird was still there, sitting on the American flag easily sitting on the gold eagle’s head, without feeling any obligation to respect the crowning glory that the eagle was.

It still stared at her. When Branwenn finished the poem, she snapped the book shut. The sound echoed off of the cathedral ceiling of her bedroom. She got up, pulled on her rain boots, and walked outside, all the way over to the raven. Rain pounded her hair, and it plastered to her face. She looked up at the raven. He wasn’t as imposing as Branwenn had speculated. He just looked down at her with a rather amused look on his face.

“Get off!” He stayed.

“Get off!” Branwenn waved her arms above her head, but the bird did not move, he just looked down at her with the faintest hint of a smile. Brandon shook her head, and blinked her eyes. He was a bird! How could he possibly be smiling?