Ellie Goulding – Delirium: The Album Review

I bought Ellie Goulding’s delirium a few days ago. I’m in the middle of listening to it for a second time 😍. And that alone definitely tells how I feel about it.

Every time I look at an iTunes review, I always wish that people would write something a little bit more helpful. This is basically what I see on most reviews:


That wasn’t really helpful, I’m really sorry. So, I’ve decided, since I have never decided to leave a helpful iTunes review before, I’m going to do it right now. O.K. I should be getting to the point already…

When Ellie Goulding’s album first came out in early November, I made a point of listening to every single sample from “Intro (Delirium)” all the way down to “Heal”. I’m not an obsessed Gouldigger, that’s just how I operate when a popular artist comes out with a new album.

I liked it, and thought, even though only hearing the samples that it was a fairly decent album. When the Best of 2015 page appeared on iTunes, I discovered that it was the “Best” for Pop.

I bought it December 29. Early in the day, before I bought the album I was listening to it on shuffle play on Spotify, and fell in love with “Lost in Found” It might have been the first few lines:

Gotta love this field and the cherry sky
Under blossom clouds though it’s late July

You’d have to hear the actual song to see how the lyrics blend in perfectly with the blossoming folk-pop tune and the instrumental.

Later that day I bought the the clean version of Delirium (Deluxe) by Ellie Goulding.

Click on image to visit iTunes page and buy! 😸🎢

Track 1/21: Intro (Delirium)

This is a lovely introduction to a masterpiece of an album. The lyric-less vocals that Ellie sings transports you into an abstract sea.

Track 2/21: Aftertaste

The intro track is transformed into blossoming pop.

Track 3/21: Something In The Way You Move

“Something In The Way You Move” is even bouncier and pop-ier than the song it follows. Giving the 80s style pop trend that Carly Rae Jepsen and elliegoulding2.jpgTaylor Swift have been using in the past two years a new twist, “Something In The Way You Move” could represent the whole album.

Track 4/21: Keep On Dancin’

What I love about “Keep On Dancin'” is that it is different. Her voice, and the instrumentals are sly and mysterious, and the song is incredibly danceable. However, what it lacks is that the buildup to the chorus is extreme, but it never fulfills its promise of a lush hook.

Track 5/21: On My Mind

A #1 SMASHΒ hit single (currently #21 on the iTunes charts), On My Mind will get you addicted big time after about two listens, because it is extremely infectious, catchy, bouncy, and perfectly mixed and double-tracked.

Track 6/21: Around U

“Around U” is really sweet.

I. just. wanna. be. around u. Is that too much too ask?

Like “Aftertaste”, it is bouncy, pop-y. It is innocent, and is sing-along-able.

Track 7/21: Codes

This is one of my favorites from this album up with “On My Mind”, “Lost and Found”, and “Paradise”. It has a catchy hook:


If this were released before everything else you would hear it incessantly on the radio because it is really catchy, danceable, and really good. The lyrics “Shouldn’t need a riddle to unlock your heart” even reflect on the hook.

Track 8/21: Holding On For Life

Don’t let the intro vocals trick you into thinking this is a mid-late 20th century not-quite-dance-floor pop hit. Instead it is a song about a relationship with an irresistible hook; infecting you with minor chords “Sugar” by Maroon 5 style.


Track 9/21: Love Me Like You Do

There isn’t much I have to say because I am POSITIVE you have heard this track before. It’s from Fifty Shades of Grey, and it makes up for “Keep On Dancin'” with a lush, belted chorus, complete with a “La la” and everything else you are looking for in a pop ballad.

Track 10/21: Don’t Need Nobody

The grammar for the title of this song is WRONG. But it isn’t completely “on my mind”.

Just like “Codes” “Around U” and “On My Mind” each syllable of the hook is pronounced with individuality. It’s also auto-tuned.

Track 11/21: Don’t Panic

This song is similar to “Something In The Way You Move” in that it has the same new twist on the already twisted 80s song trend.

The auto-tuning in the outro of “Don’t Panic” is actually pretty cool, using the “call and response” method of doing the tech stuff in a song.

Track 12/21: We Can’t Move To This

A generic upbeat pop song. (Yes, the new, new 80s thing appears again.)

Track 13/21: Army

I have the feeling that this is one of the more popular Delirium tracks. It isn’t exactly catchy or infectious, but it is sweet and has a little bit of a hook. It is definitely a ballad of sorts.

Track 14/21: Lost and Found

According to me, it is probably THE BEST song on the album. It has a catchy pre-chorus, and tries for the same belted chorus so perfectly accomplished in “Love Me Like You Do”. It has a floral beat, and you can taste a little bit of her debut album, “Lights” leftover in the verses.


elliegoulding3Track 15/21: Devotion

The chorus is sincerely plain beautiful. The verses are accompanied by a Calvin Harris-style EDM beat, the two of which seem to clash. It is still lacy, and gorgeous, and can still be appreciated by people over 35.

Track 16/21: Scream It Out

You can tell by the very tone of “Scream It Out” that it is a closing track. It has a hint of the 80s style I’ve mentioned multiple times, but is also ballad-like.

I’ve always had a thing for silence but lately I just need I voice I recognize.

We have come to the end of the regular edition of Β “Delirium”. The tracks I will review after this will all tracks exclusively in the deluxe version.

Track 17/21: The Greatest

Despite its title I wouldn’t call it “The Greatest” song on the album. But I have to admit it isn’t bad. It has a catchy, soundtrack-y hook.

Track 18/21: I Do What I Love

Okaaaay… this is new. VERY NEW. “I Do What I Love” Is a very refreshing, and extremely different from any other Ellie Goulding song. It is very precise and on point.

I do what I love and I love what I do. Stop me? Stop me? I’m stopping you.

Track 19/21: Paradise

This song is one of the best. It is catchy in the pre-chorus, and it is infectious in the chorus, and fast-paced in the verses.

Track 20/21: Winner

It is also a good ending, it is slow, and and driven by minor-chords.

Track 21/21: Heal

The synth and background vocals are what provide a base for this down-beat song.

Baby, leave love alone, let it heal…


There are two more songs in the album, that you get if you buy the whole entire thing, they both feature Ellie in in them, and are by other artists: “Outside” by Calvin Harris, and “Powerful” by Major Lazer. They just don’t really beat Ellie’s original songs however.

In closing, I recommend that if you are planning to buy “Delirium” buy the deluxe version, because it wouldn’t be the same without songs like “The Greatest” and “Paradise”, and of course, “I Do What I Love” is a phenomenon, that can only be found in the deluxe version.

I’m rating “Delirium (Deluxe)” five stars out of five.