The Day Two Of 2016 Post


  • Pick Up The Phone – Ciara
  • Lose My Breath – Destiny’s Child
  • Rewind – Kelela
  • Borders – M.I.A. (this song is really hard to stop listening to and refers to almost everything political)
  • Revival – Selena Gomez


I’ve been reading some really awesome blogs, I found these ones  just recently, and wanted to share them with you guys, they’re just really cool blogs by a really cool teenage bloggers :).

Keitii’s Canvas

Truth And Beauty

My Teenage Madness

Blogger Advice

For good writing in your blogging, I think it is very important to read other blogs, and not just skim over them, and find words that pop out but really read them. Search for tidbits of writing, and find things you can aspire to. Be inspired to write. I actually have a lot of trouble finding something to write about. I’m sure I’m not the only one either. So like in this post, and my  “2016, Staying Warm, Drafts of Posts”, I kind of scattered things around under bold captions.


I can’t really say much about fashion this time, because it is still going to be about staying warm. (It’s never been this cold where I live in my lifetime.) So here’s a clip about how cats might be sneaking into the fashion trends later this year:

A. M. Winter