Christmas Gifts, etc.

I just finished reading a few more blogs, so here are your lynx for today:





Hideaway Girl


This is not blogger advice, this is advice for everybody on the face of Earth. Don’t get your feet or hands freezing cold and then get them to close the fireplace. I am currently suffering the results of that, and they are seriously not wonderful, so I strongly warn you against doing that.

New Year’s Resolutions

I know everybody else is posting their New Year’ resolutions, but I can’t bring myself to think of any or publish any, so, sorry for disappointing you.


Christmas Gifts

This post is extremely late, but I’ll tell you about some of my favorite Christmas gifts, because I’ve found that reading posts about Christmas gifts is actually quite entertaining.

Microsoft Mobile Mouse 1850. Do not buy if your computer’s operating system is OS X, because it does not work with OS X.

Click To Visit Page

Two beautiful Breyer horse models.

Click to visit purchase page.



Click to be redirected to retail page

A book on journalism, some warm clothes, a very nice blouse complete with black cats, a Kohl’s gift card, and a reader’s journal.

Happy blog reading, or blogging, or web surfing, or everything,

– A. M. Winter


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