The New Generation Thing!

hideaway girl

Hi,everyone! So recently, I’ve been planning a lot of new exciting stuff for my blog including today’s post 🙂

I have decided to make a project! Yup, I’m making a project. I’m very scared but very excited 🙂

This isn’t going to just any project, no, this is going to try and change the way our society thinks. Society is not the best. We have wars, racism, crime and teens are alot more unhappy how they use to be. But I want to stop that! I know I won’t be able to do that but I would like to bring the idea to many other people my age, the new generation. What’s not better to put it on my blog where the community of teenagers is high.

The first topic is going to be about something you want to change. It’s a nice introduction and you can use that as…

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