An Interview With Myself

I was just closing off some tabs of posts that I’ve written and published on this blog already on my browser. I can’t keep up with all my posts. I was in the middle of novel-writing, when I saw a notification of a Blogging 101 email. So, I clicked it open, and read that it was Day One. Yay! I love Blogging 101. So today’s assignment was to start a new post. I already have 5 other drafts that I’m in the middle of working on, but I am NOT going to let anything stop me from writing a new post. The post of which the Blogging 101 editors speak, is supposed to be an introduction about me, and the focus of my blog and why I have it. I’m doing this in interview format. Yes. I’m interviewing myself.


The first and one of the most important questions, why does Raven Wings exist?

I think I’ve always wanted to have a personal blog, but I wasn’t ready for it. It took me over a year to actually have one. I want to create a space for readers similar to me, many of which are bloggers too, who can read a little bit about me, and a little bit about everything else, and can be linked to other blogs. I want to provide my readers with inspiration.

Why is Raven Wings called Raven Wings?

I  wanted something a little tiny bit different than average. I love animals, and “love” is an understatement. I also like the idea of familiars. A familiar is an animal of any form that a witch or other humanoid fantastical creature would keep by their side. This animal would reflect on their personality. If I had a familiar, it would be a black cat. I know that sounds really, really, really, cliché, but black cats are different, I’ve always loved them. I’m getting sidetracked though. Ravens are like black cats. “The Raven” by Edgar Allan Poe is one of my favorites, and I’ve memorized it up until “truly your forgiveness I implore”. I see ravens and crows and vultures fly millions of times overhead. I’ve seen how Raven Wings arch, and flap, and shine against the sun. Every single bit of their body is pitch black. I love their wings. They are so free, and beautiful.

What relationship do you have with writing?

An immensely HUGE relationship, a long, never-ending faithful relationship. I read a book and it will make me want to write, (if its good enough), and I’ll be tearing my keyboard to pieces soon afterward. I am intrigued by politics, and so I do tend to incorporate politics in my writing, which, unless the whole thing is about politics can throw some people off. For example when I used the word “xenophobia” in a fantasy story.

Are you a pack leader, easily – following pack member, or a lone wolf?

I am a leader. I gather inspiration, but I do not follow, or copy. I strive to do things my own way, instead of being exactly a copy-cat, at least I try to.

Who are the people that inspire you?

On a HUGE level, its the people who take a stand, and are not afraid to. Or people who are successful in the field that I want to be in.

On a small level, my friends, anybody who writes, and the bloggers I’ve been linking you to. The reason is that these people aren’t wannabes. They have taken steps toward their future. They might still have a ways to go, but they are practically ready, because they’ve already begun. These are the same people who I can relate to, and easily connect with.

All of us bloggers have a whole new year of blogging ahead of us, what are your hopes for 2016 in blogging?

Writing interesting posts, and inspiring people, especially inspiring other bloggers to inspire other bloggers, and it goes on and on.



Well, there you have it. Thanks so much for reading!

– Ariana