Music: Spotify

  • It’s Code – Janelle Monae
  • Change Your Life (feat. T.I.) Wideboys Remix
  • Peace of my Heart – Molly Moore
  • I Can’t Wait (feat. Bilal) – Jaguar Wright
  • Undercover – Adriana Evans
  • Underneath the Stars – Adriana Evans
  • Real Good – Yahzarah
  • Schoolin’ Life – Beyoncé

Hi, everyone,

Today it is raining. It was raining yesterday, and the day before. The trees outside are swaying from the downpour. I’m playing Spotify on my computer, of the little collection of songs I’ve added to my account.

Yesterday I took down the Christmas decorations. It’s one of the saddest activities of the year. Decorating for Christmas on the other hand — It’s done though. The Christmas decorations are down. The house is red-less, green-less, and fake-snow-less. Nutcracker-less. It has to happen sometime though, otherwise, you won’t need to decorate next Christmas, because the Christmas decorations are up all year. The Christmas tree is still here, undecorated. It’s waiting to be composted somewhere.

My mom and I made cookies yesterday. They were oatmeal chocolate chip cookies. They were really good, complete with butter and brown sugar.

Now I’m listening to a not that-good remix of “Change Your Life” by Iggy Azalea. Remixes have to be really good to do any justice to the real songs. I guess if you are a huge EDM person, then pop songs can be turned into your favorite music.

Tomorrow is January 7, nothing big then, but I think for the rest of January all the WordPresses are going to have mentions of the new year, the resolutions and everything else. I admit I’ve been doing that too, mentioning every day that it is 2016. I’m actually really scared for November, a little less than a year for now, because I really don’t want our president to be Donald Trump. The reality of the closeness of the election makes my throat catch, and my heart beat faster than ever. Elections haven’t scared me before, but this one is so dramatic, that it’s actually affecting me.

I’ve been fantasy-writing like some people like to do. It’s probably rare if anybody really reads the fantasy that people write. Sometimes the complicated worlds just don’t work for the publishers, or the agents.

It’s fascinating to think of all those worlds that people think up, and a lot of them are similar to others. Governments, religion, law, all governed by philosophically-smart owls, and scaly yellow dragons. I love how everybody just writes it like it’s so real, and so true, and some of it actually gets read. I love how people can lay back with a 2000 page book, and read the whole thing through, just so they can escape the horrors of being a person. So they can just read, and refer to every single little law, that had been thought out by the author, before they fall asleep at night, and when they are scribbling at the back of their journal.

I had an idea in mind to make a short film of the nutcrackers talking to each other. Whatever, I think I’ll do that next Christmas, when the boxes are back out of storage. Until then, I’m completely, utterly,  nutcrackerless.

See ya soon, A. M. W.