Something I Want To Change

Now that I have reblogged Hideaway Girl’s project (see here), to help change the way society thinks, I’m writing “Something I want to Change”

First of all, the world is a little bit messed up. I have to admit. When something is wrong, there should always be something done about it, otherwise it is just going to sit there, go away, or just never go away. You have a choice, take action or not. But nothing is happening. Nobody is taking action. Some people are, yes, thinking about it, but it just isn’t as important as the trip to Starbucks to follow up on their daily dose of caffeine.

Here is a list of things I would just love to change:

  • Climate change deniers minds
  • Trump supporter’s minds
  • The way we treat Syrian refugees

It is really, really, really hard to change somebody’s mind, and that is the majority of my list 😳. It is all so hard to change, but I can find an answer. The writer’s hand is the hand of the someone very powerful. This is why blogging is such a wonderful thing. People will read a blog one morning, and say, “Hey, I never thought of this before.” Exactly. You can move people.

I want to change the lives of people who are fleeing terror, and anybody’s worst nightmares. We are blaming them for terror. We need to make difference. We need to put people in the shoes of these people who don’t have shoes.

There isn’t much I, myself can do. But I do put myself in the shoes of those poor refugees. I don’t know why I do, and I shouldn’t because it puts me in pain. But being an American who has parents, and food, and clothes, and shelter, and a bed to sleep in at night, I’ll have to say I’m lucky, and one should feel the pain, and sympathize with people who have to feel it, and are standing in the middle of a plain in Hungary, starving, thirsty, sweating with legs that are beyond about to give out, wondering if anybody cares about their well-being at all. This sounds crazy, but don’t you think if somebody cares, and concentrates, maybe a little bit of telepathy can make them feel a nanometer better?

So maybe if some people care, they’d be willing to just give a little bit of thought to those people, clinging on, defenseless, while clouds of tear gas fill their worlds, hanging by bits of cloth of a barbed-wire border fence.