Start A Blog!

Spotify Playlist: So, this time around, instead of telling you what I’m listening to, you can listen to it on Spotify.
Blogging is a huge opportunity. If your idea of blogging is a journal, I have a lot to tell you. It is not just a journal but a way of connecting, and sharing, and inspiring, and it is all a really amazing concept. If you already have a blog, and most of you do, it can always be interesting to click “Add A New WordPress”, and then do whatever. You can repost on that blog, or anything. Whatever you want. The blogging world is completely open to you, and you can write whatever. Design and identify your blog as whatever you feel reflects on your personality, or your voice. Choose your favorite color for your blog.

For your Gravatar profile, organize it in a way that also is you. Make sure to include a picture. (It doesn’t have to be of you), and a short bio. Then, this is very important, link your blog up to your Gravatar. Otherwise if people click on your profile and see your bio, but want to see your blog, and can’t then they might be disappointed.

Sign Up for Blogging U. You can do this by going on the Daily Post, it is a blog by the people who run WordPress, all about helping you with your blog, or anything relating to blogging. They have a free course by email, and you get a new email every day that Blogging U is in session. I’m currently taking Blogging 101, there is also Blogging 201, Writing 101, and I think that’s it.

You are given an assignment, and then you can complete it, or not, but they really help you slowly climb the blogging ladder. When you first get a blog, and you are not aiming toward having anything like a business or whatever, like something huge, I would recommend that you don’t spend any money on your blog. If you are just blogging for the sake of blogging, do not buy the Premium Plan, or any of the Premium themes, and don’t buy a domain, and the reason is that at first people will not be looking at your blog, and the domain name you bought for easy navigation won’t be put to use, and you’ll be spending money where you don’t have to. I have seen plenty of very, very, successful blogs with .coms. Usually, buying the domains and the premium themes should be done solely for your viewer’s own pleasure, and if you have no viewers, you won’t be doing it for anybody. I wouldn’t say that you earn the right to spend money, because you can be a much better writer than the bloggers who get 200 hits a day, nobody knows about you.

Non-Related Cat Meme Of The Day

So how do people know about me? The wonderful people who know and read about me, I personally selected myself, because these are people who are talented writers, and talented people over all. I follow blogs, and like posts, and in the very rare occasion comment, when I want these people to look at my blog. People don’t automatically come to you. I have probably selected you, my lovely reader to read my blog, because I know that you are a good writer or a good person, and have invited you by liking one of your posts or following your blog. You are all really awesome, and even if that isn’t how you found me, I probably should have visited your blog, and the reason is that you took the time to look at and hopefully appreciate my  post.

You are a good person. Congratulations!

😜, Ariana, xox


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