Hillary Clinton And Why I’m Regretting Not Checking Flipboard To This Very Day

Music: Spotify,The Official Hillary 2016 Playlist
I am mad at myself. I don’t think I am ever, ever, ever, going to absolve myself. I did the stupidest thing, and the stupidest thing was not doing something.

It has been, for many, many years, a fantasy of mine to get to meet Hillary Clinton. It would be so awesome. I could imagine taking a selfie, getting my copy of “Hard Choices” signed. And that plays a role in the crime I committed.

Where: Circus, Circus Hotel Room, Las Vegas

When: October 2015

What: Not looking at Flipboard news app

Why: Outside of Circus, Circus, Las Vegas, in the late afternoon you can just barely see, if you crane your neck just enough, the glittering tall, Trump hotel and casino.


It’s surface reflects the sun, an object of obscene gluttony, greed, pride, and sin.

Below, a tour bus is set up. I am, at the same time, looking out the window, over the city of Las Vegas, more money being put into the having more money lost. Oh, it’s a nice place this Las Vegas. Hot, flashy, but really amazing. Little did I know that the tour bus was only blocks – walking distance away from where I looked. And outside, this was going on:

And what am I doing? While Hillary Clinton and the the Latino immigrants rally agains the evils of the Trump campaign? Sitting in a hotel looking out the window, looking at the Wynn, and the Encore, those two hotels you saw right behind the Union workers.

How could I have not seen the red outfits? How come my window was not closer to the glittering object of sin, and the liberals who are fighting against my newest, most personally hated enemy. How I would have loved to be there. How I would have cheered as the Union protesters. cheered, and Hillary Clinton spoke. I would have pumped my fist toward the Trump tower, wishing that my arm was long enough to knock off the “T” in Trump.

How I would have been charged full of patriotism. But instead, I sat outside, doing nothing political, and honestly kind of bored. The next day would be the day of the the first Democratic Debate. It would be in the Wynn, the same hotel I had been staring at out of Circus, Circus.

But I didn’t know then. I found out two hours later. I was standing in a very long line of people underground, waiting for dinner in a popular Las Vegas buffet. I was bored. There was WiFi. I could access Flipboard. I opened the app, and started flipping.

Hillary Clinton Slams Trump In Front of His Hotel

I peered at Hillary Clinton in her bright red suit, the late afternoon sun, reflecting off the infamous object that should shame the owner for his bombastic evilness.

The horrible realization struck me. I started to tingle all over. I had missed out. My head was swearing at me, as the realization began to solidify and still weighs me down to this very day. Every time I watch that video I feel the tingling sensation again. How could I have ever missed such a politically amazing moment?

Criminal: Me