Suite Scarlett – Book Review

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Suite Scarlett by Maureen Johnson

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The Hopewell Hotel in New York is owned by the Martin family, a with five children. One would think that in owning a hotel, the Martin family would be “well off” but the tragedy that occurred four years ago, still haunts the Martin’s bank account.

On the fifteenth birthday of each of the Martin family children, they are given a key to one of the hotel’s historic Art Deco suites. The tale begins on the birthday of Scarlett Martin’s fifteenth birthday. Although the day of her birthday isn’t particularly glamorous, her traditional birthday gift leads to a summer that stands out from all the others.

Only days after Scarlett Martin is entrusted with the Empire Suite, she is also entrusted with the faith of its newly-arrived guest, a cigarette-smoking, meditating, writer wannabe with a dramatic, theatrical past, in late 20th century New York.

Nineteen year old Spencer, the eldest of the Martin children, is a talented actor, but is facing entry into a culinary school, if he doesn’t get his acting career together in three days.

Scarlett will have to juggle the endless tasks for her guest, saving her brother’s future’s, dodging her eleven-year-old sister, and time with a love interest, a small-town man who got a big break, and is now trying to keep his own acting career on his feet.

I’m giving this book three stars our of five.