Feeling Horrible And Listening to Rihanna

Feeling Horrible and Listening to Rihanna

Some of the content in this album is explicit, so, like I’m just giving you a skip-suggestion alert.

If you’ve read any little bit of my blog, you’ll notice that I am a die-hard Rihanna fan. So, even though people should be really happy it’s a new year, things are kind of hard lately. So I’ve been sitting at my computer and looking at blogs, and listening to music. Now I’m listening to Rihanna. Shoutout to any of you who are also Rihanna fans in the least bit. I am having a really hard time, and the Loud album is slowly comforting for me. Some of her songs are desperately sad, even though in reality they aren’t sad, you have to be really sad for it to really hit you. But I’m just ending my second listening of What’s My Name featuring Drake. I think I’m about to get addicted to it. I get addicted to songs badly.

What’s a girl to do when she’s crying inside?

– Fading – Rihanna, Loud

I don’t know why we all feel so horrible. I’m feeling partly bad from vaccinations yesterday, because my body is full of diseases that don’t have a huge effect, but leave you with some bad things.


You can buy the album here

I don’t actually have the album on iTunes, which I know sounds kind of weird since I am pretty much writing a whole post about it.

I have some good news. I’m feeling better. Really give this album a try with the Spotify, it is a strong suggestion. If you like pop music, you would really like this album. My favorites are probably:

  • Only Girl (In the World)
  • California King Bed
  • What’s My Name (feat. Drake)
  • Love The Way You Lie (Piano Version)


This is not a blog link, it is a “lifestyle” and it is not Rihanna it is Nicki Minaj. 

Nicki is my #2 favorite after Ri. Naturally, one of my favorite songs is “Fly”
Warning: There are some swear words in this song: Spotify doesn’t have clean tracks 😦 😦 😦

Anyway, my emotions are a little bit calmer. Thanks Rihanna

Ariana, Official Rihanna Fan 🎵