Novel – Writing and Blogging, They Go So Well Together!

I just want to say one thing that is so awesome, after working really hard on this, I happen to now have 52 followers and counting!!!

I am so excited!

Yesterday I didn’t write much because I had to write a 750 – word high school application essay. I thought it would be long, and dragged out, but it wasn’t. I wrote, read blogs, wrote, read blogs, and at last made it to 750 words!


So since I didn’t write yesterday, I’ll hopefully have more than one post out today. It’s raining outside, and the window is streaked with sky-reflecting raindrops. I love the rain. I love it. I guess I repeated there.

So I am feeling very happy for some of the bloggers I read. Em from LyfWithEm is writing a really good novel, and Alex from happyalex finished a novel. They are both so inspiring! I love it when your favorite bloggers are also novel-writers. Especially since I am. I feel like I’m surrounded by a bunch of awesome friends.

I’m wondering if I should do some sort of story thing where, I give you a chapter each week, or each day, or whatever. I think each day would work best for me. Or every other day.

I’m so excited because my friends and I are starting a movie club! We’re going to trade off being director, and every week make a movie! 🙂 I’m really excited, we’re also going to have fun pseudonyms.

Anyhow, I’m still working on what I want to have as my Gravatar profile picture, and have been filling up my sketchbook and wearing down my Prismacolors working on different versions. I think I have a definite one.

I really like my snowy owl, but I’m starting to think that maybe I need a new one, and since I’d be drawing it, it would be all my own, which makes it better – at least I think.

Non-Related Cat Meme of the Day

Oh, and by the way, I’m kind of sad… one of the bloggers I read, and nominated for an award, BlackCat or Eve, deleted her blog. I hope she starts a new one, because she’s good at blogging.

I also just changed my theme to Ryu, and I hope you guys like it… it isn’t quite so pink, so that might be a little bit more welcoming to those of you who don’t like pink. But I kept a few hints of pink, so that’s good. I really should stop changing my theme, but I can’t help it!!!

For the logo, if you noticed I trimmed it down so now it has a little corner of the big header image. And, with this you can notice my tagline a little more easily.