I Dare You: Tell Me I’m Not A Writer

Music: FM Radio

  • Hideaway – Daya
  • Turn Down For What – DJ Snake featuring Lil Jon Why does this song even have to EXIST?!
  • Sorry – Justin Bieber I’ll just try not to listen to this song. I’ll try to ignore it. If I possibly can. Play Rihanna instead, she’s a much better artist!!!
  • Stressed Out – twenty one pilots this song is unique and I like it 🙂
  • Timber featuring Ke$ha – Pitbull yay!
  • Like I’m Gonna Lose You featuring John Legend – Meghan Trainor
  • The Hills – The Weeknd
  • Perfect – One Direction Just because I’m hearing it on the radio, doesn’t mean I’m a fanatic, just letting you know.

Yay! I have been wanting to write this post for a long time. As you probably know if you’ve seen my Gravatar or my About Me page, I have been writing for a very, very long time. Over the past few years it seems, I’ve been keeping a bunch of notebooks in my drawer for a long time. The other day I decided I would take all of my notebooks out of my “Writing” drawer, and classify them, and spread them out, because I was a little bit bored. They covered my whole floor. Wow. So this morning, I thought I might as well take them out again, and take a picture of them. I did. I messed a bit with the simple Edit button on my iPhone, and voila, here is the picture that is now occupying the featured image place!

Do you honestly think that anybody with this many notebooks stored away, a typewriter, and two laptop computers, too many pens, and a Bluetooth keyboard, and a lot of other things that people usually use to write would not write incessantly? Then I proceeded to take some pictures. Some of the bloggers had the good idea of having a notebook dedicated to their blog. So, I thought I might want to follow suit. First, I chose out of all these notebooks the best blank ones:


Then, I narrowed things down. I forgot about the oval-shaped spiral-bound notebook, so I didn’t narrow that one down. Then, I proceeded to put some of my sticky notes on the three remaining notebooks about them:


And if you can read what I wrote on the sticky notes, you’ll notice that I picked the one in the center.

Then I proceeded to do more work on my potential Gravatar picture, a colored – pencil drawing, which I have mentioned in previous posts.

I am putting a lot of effort into it, and will reveal it to you when it is finished. I really hate giving you a lot of build-up about it, because it is an O.K. image, but that is what I have been doing a lot lately, so I can’t avoid talking about it that much.

Ariana, xx