Your Daily Raven

It is really hard sometimes to think of posts to write. I am positive, in fact I know that I am not the only blogger in the world who struggles with this problem all the time. Every single one of you has had this problem before, admit it!

So again, about those daily stories, I am seriously taking them into consideration, guys, so hang in there, it will be coming. I just have to think of a name and a plot, because I can’t just write randomly without knowing what my story is about. I think… in fact I just thought of this right now, that I am going to make a colored pencil illustration to go with each story, not too much illustrations, but a little illustration to spark your imagination a little bit. I’m thinking though that it might have something to do with a raven… give me a second to think, and then I will reveal what it will be about to you:

Main Character: A 14-year-old girl

Place: U.S.

Time: Now

Another Character: A certain big black bird that is the first name of this site.

Alright, I will start writing Chapter 1 and publishing it now.  Oh, and one more thing, I will be writing the story daily if I can if it is impossible for me to do that, then so be it. But it will be daily mostly and the chapters will be out as frequently as possible. The worst case scenario is that I go three days without posting. See ya!

Ariana M. Winter