Surprise Nomination To TheAmbivert

Since I listed my nominees for The Black Cat, Blue Sea Award, one of my nominees deleted her site and is therefore unable to nominate. The award still goes to her, because her blog was wonderful, she totally deserved the award.

The Black Cat, Blue Sea Award

But I can’t let any potential nominees go un-nominated, if my award is able to circulate, it means that it will have to be passed through to somebody else.

When I made my nominations, I realized that I had not thought of nominating TheAmbivert, and since she is an amazingly amazing writer, and has an equally as amazingly amazing blog, I am going to nominate her, she totally deserves it.

This is a very special exception, and I hope I am not hurting anyone’s feelings in the process. The original nominee still gets her nomination, (like I said she deserved it), but I am also going to nominate Ambi so that it passes through.

The rules for the nomination are here

Ariana, xo