A Little Bit of Advice

This is my third post for The New Generation Thing. Hideaway Girl just posted her challenge a little bit of advice today, so I’m excited to get writing. By the way, I really think you should take on this challenge, it is really fun, I look forward to every new installment!

Advice: (Raven Wings Defintion) An experience that happens to a person. The person uses the experience as a tool to teach others about how to make the experience, easier, better, etc. 

My advice is about how to have courage. All of us are scared. Fear is one thing and at times it can be good to have. It protects you. But when fear is stopping you from doing something really fun, or it is stopping you from anything really, that isn’t jumping off a cliff or that kind of thing, then fear can be pushed aside.

Fear has given me traumatic experiences. Fear has slowed me down. When fear happens, I tell myself that fear is not a thing. It is a mental block. It kept me from learning how to swim until I was ten years old, it still keeps me from doing important things. I am now just learning what I could have learned ages ago because of fear.

And it is just a concept. It is just a voice in my brain, a very strict parent. To get rid of fear you need tools. I use power songs. I play these songs in my head, and tell myself that if I have the right attitude, I can do anything. I just have to have the right attitude, and save fear for a time when I really need it. You can do just as much as anybody else around you.

Ariana, xx