Chapter 2 – Mudbank

If you haven’t read Chapter 1 you can catch up here

Branwenn opened her eyes. Rain still poured down her bedroom walls. She remembered the smiling raven from yesterday, and rolled over, to cover her eyes from the impending future of seeing the raven again. She didn’t want to. She knew if she did, she would have to see the look on the raven’s face, staring down at her with that cold look – a look that Branwenn had never seen before on anybody else.

Branwenn sighed, trying to push the thought of the raven out of her mind. She reached for her iPhone, and checked her Twitter feed. Her friends had tweeted a picture of them ice skating yesterday. She sighed with longing. Why not her? Why not Branwenn? What had she done? She logged onto Instagram, and posted a picture of rain trickling down her window. Then, she began to cry. She tossed her phone across the room, and buried her face in her pillow.

She dressed, ate a roll, and then climbed into the car after her mom. It was time to go to school. To face the music. Her mom dropped her off on the curbside. Branwenn stumbled out of the car, her backpack swinging by her side. Swoosh! Branwenn looked up, a big black bird has swooped across her line of sight, she whirled around on her heel. There was the bird, high in the sky, circling above her, looking down at her. Branwenn blinked. She walked into the building, her footsteps echoing down the halls. She located her friend Karrey walking into History. She ran behind her. “Wait!”

“Hi.” Karrey, said, without looking at Branwenn, sighed, and then keep walking, the sound of her heels clip-clapping on the floor.

“Karrey what was the deal with ice-skating yesterday?”

“What? I don’t know what you’re talking about.” Karrey scoffed, and slammed her books on her desk. “Get lost, Bran”

Branwenn was furious. With Karrey, always leading she and her friends, while they followed loyally behind, doing whatever she wanted, Branwenn knew that now she had been rejected. Nobody talked to her that day. Nobody looked at. While she took notes, she scribbled furiously, and tore part of the page.

When the day was finally over, Branwenn ran out. Swoosh. The raven was still there. He seemed to be following her. Branwenn wanted to scream, but instead she did so in her head. She ran, her heart thumped.

She sped blindly through the park. Her mom should be waiting by the school. She tripped over brush, and then dove headlong into the muddy water of a creek bed.

Spitting and spluttering, Branwenn rolled over. She attempted to wipe the mud off her eyes and mouth. The raven was sitting on a branch, only inches from her face, he was sitting there, and smiling at her. At first, Branwenn didn’t want to look, but the eyes glimmered in such a way, that her fast heartbeat slowed, and she began to recognize something in the raven’s eyes that she had never seen before. The raven was friendly. She watched as it finally lifted its wings, and flapped steadily through the air, landing on her shoulder.


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