I’m Being Cynical!

Last night I watched a movie for the first time. Well, no – I watched a movie that I haven’t watched before. Star Wars: A New Hope. Star Wars. And what did I think of it? A little bit disappointing in fact. When I heard about Star Wars for approximately the past 13 years, or, 11 years – since I could really comprehend what people were saying, I heard Star Wars this, Star Wars that, and about the huge meaning behind it, and the philosophical bits, and the archetypes etc., but the fact is, there was no dialogue. Zero. Nada. OK, well there are the parts where Luke talks to Obi Wan Kenobi, and his aunt and uncle, but aside from that it is all action, and hard to understand.

The fact is, I am being very, very cynical, I mean, I’m talking about Star Wars after all, it is Star Wars, it is worshipped.

Now, Star Wars is really well done considering that it did not involve the magic of computers.

It was a good movie, it was generic, enjoyable, and comfortable to watch. I liked CP30 and R2D2.

There was a ticking clock. A movie is not a movie without a ticking clock, so over all, it really wasn’t that bad. I liked it.

But I think if I’ve gone too long without a taste of a American cultural thing, then I am bound to be disappointed. By the way.

An example?


It is an amazing place. Candy shops, fun rides, trees, and California sun. Before August of 2013 I was ecstatic because I was going to be going to Disneyland. In preschool, little kids talked about Disneyland in hushed, excited voices. When I was older the children around me would beg for tickets to Disneyland. I created an imaginary world. Disneyland. The land where everything is beautiful, vast expanses of fun, and sweets and glory, and sun, and colors. By the time I was in fifth grade, Disneyland was in the back of my head, it had established itself from things I heard. Heaven on earth.

When I went there, this is what I thought of it:

  • Very Small
  • Not that many things
  • Not as amusing
  • But still fun.

But how could anyone blame me? I mean really, I had heard to much bout how amazing it was. I had established a kid – heaven. Nothing could live up to that.



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