Friends = A Better Day

The day before yesterday was awful. School worked out just fine. I think that I have finally readjusted into the school. But pretty much everything else was horrible. Emotional breakdowns, crying. Just being really upset in general. I read a book, and it made everything feel a lot better. Even though it took me a long time to recover from the crying. I got to have some political debates at the end of the day however.

But what made everything better was yesterday…

Clara and Kastania have been my friends for nine years, we are mutual friends with Eleanor, they are very good people.  (I choose not to reveal any more information about them.) A few of my other friends, including Eleanor were there. I was so happy to see them, at least this once, talk with both of them, and relate about things.

We visited cute shops, and admired jewelry and bought candy. Of course it was a field trip kind of thing, we had to do it with a lot of boys around.

It was fun to hang out with everybody, but what I really enjoyed was being with my friends whom I had not seen in so long. I miss them a lot. Sometimes I forgot how I missed them, but now I know.

I spent a whole day with them!



Black or White?

Hey guys, I need your opinion, does my blog look better white on black, like it is now, or black on white. I would really like your opinion, you need not avoid honesty in order to be nice 🙂 (I probably do that) please leave me a comment, since it is very important for me to know what you think. Again, (and more clearly this time), feel free to tell me if you like white better, I like both a lot.

I don’t know if turning my blog completely black is reflecting the mood I’m in or not, but I would like to know which you think is better. Black and white are both such bold, worldly colors, and both, (at least I think, and you may disagree), that they are both quite neutral on some levels.

I personally think that the black is very clean, and puts the writing up front and out of the shadows. Kind of like the stars. But I also don’t know if it is going to scare everybody away 😜.

Let me know your opinion!


Being (Not So) New At School

So as you DON’T know, I’m technically homeschooled. I have been all my life. I go to a school once a week, (if you’ve heard me mention school, that is probably what I was talking about, that and another class I’m taking.) And, as I always seem to do, I missed the first day of the semester. I hadn’t taken classes last semester. I’ve been in that school since second grade. I think this was the only time I actually didn’t go. The reason why is VERY complicated, and I choose not to waste your life telling you why. You will be bored. The result is that I just don’t get to have convenient sleepovers with Eleanor on Wednesday nights.

Anyway, back to the school thing, I was on vacation in Mexico that day. Therefore, I couldn’t come, of course one would think that I would end up in school rather than Mexico of all places, but, I mean, it’s more social studies than I would ever learn in school any day.

Anyway, that is where I got my portrait of the lovely woman who some readers may recognize as Frida Kahlo. (with a black cat! I didn’t know Frida Kahlo had a picture of a black cat! And a MONKEY!)

Anyway, it was a lovely day, the day I ate grasshopper octopus tacos of which I mentioned before, (in the form of cricket octopus tacos).

When I arrived at school for the second week, I was shocked by how everybody, (not my friends) but everybody else had grown up. It is a very small school. It is not like anybody remembered me, there were some new kids, and even one who lived an hour away. We have tables, not desks at my school, which anybody can sit at whenever. I observed how people had changed their seating positions. It was all so interesting, how one of the boys chose to sit at the table with me and two of my friends. And if I keep mentioning my friends, the whole class is pretty much made up of my friends, so I mean, I don’t have much of a problem with that.

People at school only really remembered me for certain things, and chose to bring them up. One boy I thought had left school FOREVER was there, looking years older, which he probably was.

Tomorrow is my third day of the semester. Wish me luck.



Help This Poor Kitten

And Sign Up For Blogging U!

I have had a great, educational experience with Blogging University by WordPress the month before last. I REALLY recommend it to you. It is not boring, there are fun assignments every day through email, and you have no requirement whatsoever. It helped me a lot with Raven Wings. Everybody loves it so much that they don’t have much room for people to sign up. You can do it here.

It’s costs $0.00. Free. No transactions required. This baby kitten wants you to sign up. Really badly. I signed up just now for Photography 101 and Commenting Bootcamp.

And while your at it, don’t forget to help this kitten get out of a slipper.




PLEEEEEEASEEE do me a favor and try it out!



Morning Musings: The Theory of Humanity’s Destiny

Do you ever wonder if there is anything out there looking at Earth from some far away galaxy like a pebble? With eyes that can see far, with telescopes and advanced technology? People that wonder in turn, who lives there? What do they think. I think that everybody does. I think that it is everybody’s born nature to want to connect, to think about these things. night-medium.jpg

We always want new possibilities. New ways. Our Earth was where we were born. We stick to it because we are Earth’s children. But at some point in generations when humankind has reached it’s adulthood, will we finally leave our mother and venture out. When we branch out to find those other people and make connections? We’ve already tested our limits. We’ve launched rockets and travelled to the moon. We’ve gone to the neighbor’s house all by ourselves! We’ve projected the future for everyone’s entertainment with movies like 2001: A Space Odyssey. The character had technology like we have today – and iPad.

We all pick up on those little things and create or prevent them. We follow our own brain. We are like a never-ending train of humanity hurtling toward our destiny. Each human packed in their own car, their own era. The train will go on its own way. You cannot change where it goes otherwise it would be derailed.

So you must go with the flow, on a big scale of things. If the train is slightly off the rail change it, but don’t change it’s destiny. Just keep doing good, keep your head up.

Re-engineering the Earth

Keep On Keeping On


Little Do You Know.

This was written by Words from A Teenage Girl. I wanted to share this because it is so beautifully written. I choose what to reblog carefully. But this was a definite yes 🙂

Words from a Teenage Girl

Hey guys. So today’s post is a bit different. Its about something that means a lot to me and we all should realize at some point. I was going to do this like a normal post but I decided to change it up. Tell me if you like my blogging this way and if you are confused about this post then you might want to read an earlier post called A Hard Time in my Life. So here it goes:

Yes, my hair is in perfect loose curls
Yes, my white tee is perfectly tucked into my black skater skirt
Yes, my winged eyeliner is perfect today
Yes, you can see my perfectly white teeth showing through my perfect lip gloss
But what you don’t realize is,
I’m not perfect.
I’m actually far from perfect
Little do you know it took me and hour to get my hair this…

View original post 168 more words


Girl Code – The Way Things Should Be

Unknown Girl  recently created a tag called Girl Code. I am honored to the be the one of the 1st people to be nominated! (Thanks so much!)

Basically the rules are to create a “code of conduct” for girls, or how the real unwritten laws should be.

Here are my rules:

  • They should have a chance to do what they want when they get older without being stopped by sexist people.
  • They should not be looked at as “weird” if they are interested in something.
  • They don’t have to wear makeup to be beautiful

And les nominees! (I wonder if nominees was originally a French word?)


Blue Notebook Girl

Hideaway Girl

Radical Mermaid




The Land of Fantastical Animals

You can enter the land only when you are qualified. You have to have the blood, no knowledge, but blood, the stuff in your veins that courses like waterfalls over red rocks.

The entrance can be anywhere. You won’t know that you are entering right away. But you’ll find yourself blinking as spots of sun spin around the forest floor as trees sway back and forth. But I was in an apartment in the city! You say. You drop down, hugging your arms around your knees. The very ground pulses beneath you. You are not scared, you are happy. Birds swoop just past your head.

You are mesmerized with them. The way their wings filter the sweet, crisp air. At first you think you must be in heaven. But you are wrong. Not everything is perfect here. But nonetheless it is gorgeous. Humans and animals live in harmony. They sing, they call.

You realize that you have just been admitted in a VIP position. Just by getting to appear here. First you think that perhaps you are the only one, but then you see yourself transforming.

You have become a bird. Lacy porcelain and forget-me-not wings spread from your back. You take off flying like you’ve flown many times before. You had speculated that flying was pretty nice, but never speculated that it was this amazing! Below you see wild beasts. You see swamps, canyon formations. Rocks. You don’t feel scared.

You don’t feel alone, you feel free and ready to explore. What is with all the beauty that you encounter? How does it get there?

The trees tower above you as you dive deep into a forest with taller trees. It is ancient and intricate. You see an owl’s nest above you. You fly up, and settle between the thick walls of bark in the tree. When you awake, you see that the owl has found you. It begins to peck at you, flapping its wings – at least trying to, but the nest is too small. You feel yourself expanding and realize that you are done being a bird.

But you don’t panic. It is all like you’re floating on water, and you know you aren’t going to drown. You ease yourself out of the owl’s nest and climb down the tree, one branch at a time. You jump down to the mossy undergrowth, and lay there, silently trying to catch your breath.

A magnificent pegasus with a bluish tint appears in front of you. You back toward the tree. It is breathtaking.

Now you are back in your kitchen. What were you about to do again?


Touching And Passing The Milestone

Mailaka, thank you. you just became my 100th follower.

But I’m not just thanking her. I’m thanking the 99 others who have followed my blog. So much. Wow. Thank you to my first follower, Aayusi, to my very last. Thank you to Tosha and Kezzie for reading my blog every day, before I even had ten followers.

I had so little people, but they all loved to read my blog nonetheless and, then after three months of blogging persistently, I reached a milestone. 100 people hearing MY words. 100 people everyday.

I know that people write these posts. Every blog does. But seriously, it is because it means a lot to them. Now I know. It is an amazing feeling. And to those of you who have about 5 followers and feel like your blog will never be read – like no one cares, FORGET IT! Just keep reading other blogs, leaving comments and getting yourself known. People will love you! They just haven’t found you yet.

No matter how many people read your blog it still DESERVES that many. It isn’t because you have a BAD blog (which you don’t) It’s because you have probably just created your blog and you are just reaching out.

Thank you to Archana for reaching out and inspiring me beyond belief.

💜infinitmagic💜 for reading all my posts, and appreciating them.

Elm and Em for teaching me how people will love your blog.

AGirlNamedEgypt for having a blog. That’s all I can say really, there’s so much more to it, but I can’t describe it.

Imperfection In A Nutshell just for giving me the drive to start my blog.

Thank you to Secretly Bethany for bringing me THIS close!

To Hatsy: I am grateful for the style you bring to the internet! I just had to say that.


Ambi: Your blog RULES!

Blue is a writer who writes about things in life that need to be brought up.

Mahjabeen, thank you for posting really cool things to read right when I was starting up.

Thanks to SO MANY other people. I want to link all of you, you all just keep popping up in my head. Sometimes I just can’t say why, but I think you have all been influential to my posting, and thank you for what you have done!

I couldn’t be this far without your blogs to read and inspire me.

I’ve been nominated for two awards, the Miranda Sings Award and The Versatile Blogger Award. Thanks to Aspiring Blue Cat and Mahjabeen for giving me these awards!

I am so appreciative of everybody who has clicked the follow button, read a post, liked it, commented. I am humbled with gratitude.

Thank you for everything you’ve done, I’m glad that you are all enjoy my work. I’m going to keep writing, keep posting, and keep clicking the follow button on your blog.

Thanks again!

Ariana Milan Winter



Hello. It is morning time, like it usually always is, and I made an attempt at cleaning my room last night. I spent so much time PREPARING, like putting on SONGS to listen to while I cleaned my room, that it was kind of late but he time I started and I had to eat dinner.

But, I will get this room clean, and when it is done, I will write a post about it. Because, why not? I will link you to my awesome playlist, which still has a lot of curating for me to do.

Today I have YESSS at least hopefully… FILM CLUB! YAY! I hope it works out today. I am planning on changing my Gravatar image. The one I have is very cute, but I’m afraid something temporary. I drew this new Gravatar myself, and I’m hoping it is a little more colorful and eye-catching. Let me know what you think. You can comment below⬇️

IMG_1433 (2).jpg