Written 10 Days Ago (Sorry!)

This is a message to all of you who have stopped blogging, deleted your blog, taken a break for a month, or taken a break for a week.

There is nothing wrong with people who take breaks. They did nothing to hurt anyone. LyfWithEm announced that she was taking a break. She has hundreds of followers. They might have been a little bit disappointed in her break – taking, I was, I read her blog almost every day, but it is none of our business. She has a life, and peeking in on people’s lives isn’t my business, they made a piece of their life available, for our own contentment, so I believe we should appreciate it.

Check this out:

The Awkward Moment When You Nearly Delete Yourself

In this post, she had a strong connection to her followers, likers and commenters. She felt like she was being crazy to ever end it. She has, as she mentioned 970 follows, I seriously only one away from just 70, but I don’t think I would do so much as just leave. I know I will leave some day, if not for years, and when I do, it will be a slow goodbye. I will make sure that I say goodbye gradually.

I don’t think I’d delete my site, because if I did, all that material would be gone. Gone.

In here, (I’m going to link you to Elm again), she talks about deleting posts. There is nothing wrong with the deleting of posts, and she clarifies it here:

Deleting A Post Doesn’t Make You Fake. 

There is nothing fake about it. It is your choice, you are all-powerful over your blog. People may not like the deleting of your post, but you get to pick and choose.