Make Your Own Film Today

When I wake up in the morning and get my computer out, I have to choose between two activities, filmmaking, or blogging.

It all started when I got my computer. It had iMovie on it. One day, I tried working with iMovie. It was simple, easy and fun.

Today, I am going to give you two start up filmmaking plans, one simple plan, and one plan for starting a strong repertoire for your filmmaking.

My whole life I’ve wanted to film. Something. To split the clips. I did not have any software of any sort to do that, then there was the iMovie of which I mentioned. I made trailers, short films, it was great. Then, I started trying to make my films more professional. If you ask me, my films are not even CLOSE to professional. But I have been working on my films with the dream of one day making actually good ones. I’ve been reading books on psychology and plot structure. I do not plan on being a filmmaker as an adult, I just want to make my films good. So here, I am going to show you the tools you need. Anybody can be a filmmaker.

Make a simple movie.

iMovie – it costs $4.99 on iOS, but with some newer iPads it comes with iMovie and you need not buy it. But for iPad and  (iPhone I think) it costs $5 sometimes (it is completely worth it)

ALIVE – It is free and your videos can be public, and the videos have a live stream like YouTube. You can take a shot, take another shot, (instant editing) and when you are done you can add, writing, effects and music.

Make an advanced, original film.

You will want to use iMovie for this. Preferably on a Mac because you can change the fonts on it. Don’t use common titles, because if you post your videos anywhere, then people will see that it is iMovie, and it will seem cheesy. Use different fonts than the default Avenir Next, however if you are doing iMovie on an iPad or iPhone, Avenir Next cannot be avoided.

Name your production company. For example: Raven Wings Films, Raven Wings Production Co. Raven Wings Productions, or just Raven Wings.

Write your plot. Read books on plot, articles, etc. Very good movies use the Hero’s Journey plot structure. Star Wars and The Wizard of Of Oz used it.

Recruit your friends and neighbors for a fun time filming. Cast them in their roles or let them cast themselves.

An alternative is to gather your friends first, and you can all cast and write together.

Time for the actual filming! Find somewhere close by to use as a set, it could be your house or it could be a park. You can use an actual video camera, (not required) your iPhone or iPad.

Keep your clips concise and entertaining. The more concise, the more entertaining. When you get home, (or right there on the spot) you can upload your clips. This is where things really get fun. Use all the cool tools that iMovie has to offer and go wild.

You might need a few more days of filming to get everything down. It really depends on how long you want your film. It could range from 3 minutes to 2 hours! It is your choice. If you want a fifteen minute movie, it could take a few hours each day.

Around this time you can begin work on a whole new side of things… your soundtrack! If you don’t want to make a soundtrack, that is OK, but it might not be quite so original. I can tell what you are thinking: I CAN’T DO A SOUNDTRACK! HOW CAN I MAKE A SOUNDTRACK? THIS IS SIMPLY IMPOSSIBLE! Don’t worry. This is how much you need to know to make a soundtrack: Zero.

All you need is one of these tools:

A piano and a vocal recorder.

A keyboard. Some keyboards can play all kinds of musical instruments, it can be a drum kit, or a whole entire orchestra.

Garageband is most certainly an essential. You don’t need GarageBand, but different instruments can be pieced together with GarageBand. WARNING: Extreme frustration alert! GarageBand is very confusing to use sometimes. It may take awhile to get accustomed to. (I’m still working on it)

Or, the easiest option of all: Music Maker Jam! It is a free app for making all kinds of music. The app is pretty simple, and although your music will not be across-the-board original, it comes so close to original, and sounds so magnificent that you’ll soon forget about it.

Now, time for the artwork!

This means that you have to put together a poster and art for the soundtrack! Before putting my film poster together, I drew a few pictures in my sketchbook! Look up movie posters for ideas. You can use PicMonkey for putting the poster together. (I used PicMonkey for the featured image of this post.) it is an easy, (yet a little bit slow) photo editor which is a great blogging companion. You can find it at

Trailers and Teasers!

This part is so fun! iMovie has lots of awesome trailer templates, but you can also make your own with the right music and a little bit of skill without the template! For a teaser, you might want a short info video of you talking, or a few flashing clips of the movie. Remember to make it really mean! (that meaning that you’ll want your viewer to be over-excited about seeing it but they can’t see it quite yet! 😦 )

And that is it. You can publish your films on or just share with friends at 

Thanks so much for reading! I hope that you get around to making a film sometime. It’s REALLY fun!

Ariana, x