Almost “Creativity Studio Session”


Written February 12

I am a little bit sick I suppose. Just a little bit. I keep sneezing and coughing, and all the other symptoms like that that come with what I think is called the Corona virus. Anyway, no big deal, I’m just feeling kind of tired and down. I guess today would kind of fit in the category of “Creativity Studio Session” I did those kinds of things. I did my normal blog exploring, you know, I discovered a new artist – Melanie Martinez.
She sings about REAL things for once, in a kind of creepy way. her album has blog image 1a five star rating, – I didn’t see a single bad review. Her music is just really good. It is the kind of thing where it is hard to judge negatively, however it could be boring and ugly to some people – boring to people who only like catchy stuff, or only rock or only rap. Strictly. but it is over all good music.

Let’s see, I worked on the movie poster for film club, while listening to the radio, skipping “Love Myself” by Justin Bieber  only to find my escape was unsuccessful, as it was playing on yet another station, then a few minutes later skipping more stations only to find “Sorry” there. When will it ever end? Well, there is give and take in the music-listener’s world. Beyoncé and Rihanna coming out with new music while Justin Bieber songs seem to plague the radio. (I’m SORRY, Beliebers, I’m not a fan. Pun sort of intended).

And then of course there is the fact that I cleaned my desk! I have throughout my life, made certain commitments to keep my desk clean forever. I’ve cleaned them, and before the week is over, my desk is covered, and covered in things that should not be on desks. IMG_1246.jpg

Cleaning my desk was one of those little improvements that made my day fresher. I let myself keep a little bit of clutter on my desk so that everything, otherwise my desk wouldn’t look very homey, it would look more like a moonscape, then a place to sit and work.



I did a little bit of songwriting. Songwriting is something that makes me a little self-conscious. Otherwise I would probably publish my lyrics, but I don’t think it is possible for me to do that.



♥︎, A


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