The Stars of the Internet

I finally decided to find out what Zoella was really about. I first stumbled upon her blog, and I thought it was just a normal blog, I thought that she had just decided to indulge in blog design, URL, that stuff. Later, after reading more, I realized that she was not an ordinary blogger with an ordinary blog. She had a beauty line, a novel or two out, and a YouTube channel. Today I went looking around to see what it was like, how she had done what she had done. I look through her archives. She started in 2009. She had just been a normal girl in her late teens who was bored, started a blog, much like some of the WordPresses I see often. She was also a Vlogger, I looked at her YouTube channel, and realized she had even met One Direction. Her house is beautiful, and there is no doubt that she has made a fortune out of doing what she does. She’s 25 and probably very wealthy.

Then I started thinking about fashion and make-up. Naturally. Her face looks completely different when she takes off her makeup. I was shocked how much it changes your face. So I decided I would head back to good old WordPress and process it in a blog post. I like make-up, but I’m only allowed to wear a certain amount at certain times. I don’t really care. I like the idea of experimenting with it and everything, but what I don’t like is that when somebody wears so much makeup, their face changes completely.

But then what if wearing a lot of makeup changes your whole entire life like Zoe Sugg of Zoella? It is really fun, it is an art, but it doesn’t take very much intellect, and intellect is what drives people to thrive.

There was a little girl named Sophie Grace who posted a video of herself singing. She was quite young, maybe 7 or 8? She had a rich voice, but from what I have heard of her, she is not able to do it all that properly, her only talent from my eyes is the rich voice. Stars all over America blew up, and she and her cousin, about her age went all over the world. On The Ellen Show, she sang/rapped with Nicki Minaj. (NICKI MINAJ IS AWESOME IS THAT COOL OR WHAT?) She went to the AMAs and met people like Katy Perry.

So then, I get to thinking, is Internet fame for the better, the worst, or does it not tip anything off of balance? What I see it comes down to, is people who have a little bit of talent, but it is enhanced by viewers, and then BOOM! Instant wealth and prosperity. All it takes is WiFi and a little bit of talent.

So then, what would happen if for some reason hackers destroyed YouTube? What if for some reason YouTube disappeared? Maybe things would tip back, maybe people who worked harder would have a little bit more attention?

There would still be bloggers. People would probably focus more on their blogs. Blogs are about sharing intellect and life stories through words. YouTube is kind of like that, but a little bit more all over the place.

I know a lot of people (especially teens) would struggle with survival without YouTube. That is why I don’t look at YouTube everyday. I know if I did, I’d get addicted, and YouTube addiction does not sound so great. I don’t look at YouTube for the same reason I’m not going to drink coffee everyday when I’m adult, I know am aware that pretty much every adult has at times an insatiable appetite for coffee, and a huge addiction.

That is what propels these stars. I’m always happy for them, living their dreams while having fun, with a huge audience. But it really is something that makes me think, it opens a lot of doors in my mind where I just wander and keep thinking about it.


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  1. Misstery blog

    You are right intellect is what drives people to thrive. But to be completely honest Zoe sugg has worked very hard and has been very clever in the way she portrays herself to the media in order to become the star she is today. She has worked extremely hard to be where she is now. As for YouTube please know that not all the videos on there are simply about beauty. That is just the stereotype of youtubers. Take some body like zoella. Her videos about anxiety and depression completely changed my life. And people like jacks gap who are trying to make a difference in the world, and use their platform to create more opportunities for others. There is a certain way you get popular on such platforms like these, and to me it does require intellect. Once again a lovely post, very well written 🙂 🙂

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