Politics. Filmmaking. Drawing Taylor Swift.

I am so into politics that they seriously complicate my life as I wake up in the morning and read polls and opinions for twenty minutes. Sometimes I feel like I can’t do it. But I also can’t stop. I promised I wouldn’t write anything about politics here so I won’t. I won’t because I need a little escape from the exciting world of politics. We had dinner guests  last night and I spent pretty much the whole night debating with them about the general election.

So if I’m not writing here, I’m probably stressing about the primaries, studying, or doing who knows what. I honestly don’t know what the heck has been consuming my time these past few days. I know I’ve been doing a lot of work on the movie’s soundtrack. I’m sorry you can’t see it, but I choose to remain anonymous.

In fact, who knows, I could look or sound like anything. Without being anonymous, then there would be stereotypes (or not) about me, and people would not be able to read my writing as clearly.

Film club meets the day after tomorrow. We still have a long ways to go before the movie is done. It will take a lot of editing, re-filming, soundtrack making, and the like, it will take a lot of group discussion, debate, email threads – even though I’m the only one emailing very long emails that your average kid wouldn’t want to read. The cast is of five people and one extra. The neighbor who we’re paying by seeing the finished film. She got to wave her arms around in the background because she was running away from something. Anyway, it is not a huge official production just a project the five of us can work on in depth.

Anyway, that is just an update for MY life, oh that’s right, and I made a drawing of Taylor Swift that I thought would look awful, but it looks realistic, and SO much like Taylor Swift that I am still frankly amazed. So then, like so many book authors saw my success and branched out to make a second one. I mean, why not? Nah. Forget it. Did not look as I had expected. At all. Not at all. I did the colors well on her latest Grammy’s dress, (the pink and orange one), but her face did not have such a striking resemblance. That kind of put me off of drawing Taylor Swift.


Oh, and I’ve also been reading this blog so much, all the time, I just have an obsession with it, it is so perfect, all the pictures, all the writing. The blogger behind it is SO talented with her art.

Nearly A Princess Blog

Click to visit this blog. It is amazing. Please give it a good read. All the posts are awesome!

Also, the “Black Cat, Blue Sea Award” that I made has totally kicked off thanks to AGirlNamedEgypt and then Mahjabeen

I am very grateful for everybody who has nominated, written, and posted my award. I am SO happy. I’m sure it will keep growing if it keeps up. 🙂

So, I’d say that is all for today…

Thank’s so much for reading!




7 thoughts on “Politics. Filmmaking. Drawing Taylor Swift.

  1. Hatsy// Nearly A Princess

    YOU ARE SO KIND! 😀 I HAVE SO MANY WARM FUZZIES RIGHT NOW!!!! Thank you so much. It really means a lot to know that my content is something that people enjoy. And I also like listening and trying to understand politics as well, it’s very interesting and has a lot of plot twists (like a book, and I love books). Also, well done on the drawing of Taylor Swift, no matter how it turned out- Anything I try to draw ends up looking like a backwards hedgehog (dunno if that really made my point but I’m just trying to explain that I’m pretty bad at drawing) XD thanks again amazing human being, talk soon!
    Hatsy xx

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