Hello. It is morning time, like it usually always is, and I made an attempt at cleaning my room last night. I spent so much time PREPARING, like putting on SONGS to listen to while I cleaned my room, that it was kind of late but he time I started and I had to eat dinner.

But, I will get this room clean, and when it is done, I will write a post about it. Because, why not? I will link you to my awesome playlist, which still has a lot of curating for me to do.

Today I have YESSS at least hopefully… FILM CLUB! YAY! I hope it works out today. I am planning on changing my Gravatar image. The one I have is very cute, but I’m afraid something temporary. I drew this new Gravatar myself, and I’m hoping it is a little more colorful and eye-catching. Let me know what you think. You can comment below⬇️

IMG_1433 (2).jpg




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