The Land of Fantastical Animals

You can enter the land only when you are qualified. You have to have the blood, no knowledge, but blood, the stuff in your veins that courses like waterfalls over red rocks.

The entrance can be anywhere. You won’t know that you are entering right away. But you’ll find yourself blinking as spots of sun spin around the forest floor as trees sway back and forth. But I was in an apartment in the city! You say. You drop down, hugging your arms around your knees. The very ground pulses beneath you. You are not scared, you are happy. Birds swoop just past your head.

You are mesmerized with them. The way their wings filter the sweet, crisp air. At first you think you must be in heaven. But you are wrong. Not everything is perfect here. But nonetheless it is gorgeous. Humans and animals live in harmony. They sing, they call.

You realize that you have just been admitted in a VIP position. Just by getting to appear here. First you think that perhaps you are the only one, but then you see yourself transforming.

You have become a bird. Lacy porcelain and forget-me-not wings spread from your back. You take off flying like you’ve flown many times before. You had speculated that flying was pretty nice, but never speculated that it was this amazing! Below you see wild beasts. You see swamps, canyon formations. Rocks. You don’t feel scared.

You don’t feel alone, you feel free and ready to explore. What is with all the beauty that you encounter? How does it get there?

The trees tower above you as you dive deep into a forest with taller trees. It is ancient and intricate. You see an owl’s nest above you. You fly up, and settle between the thick walls of bark in the tree. When you awake, you see that the owl has found you. It begins to peck at you, flapping its wings – at least trying to, but the nest is too small. You feel yourself expanding and realize that you are done being a bird.

But you don’t panic. It is all like you’re floating on water, and you know you aren’t going to drown. You ease yourself out of the owl’s nest and climb down the tree, one branch at a time. You jump down to the mossy undergrowth, and lay there, silently trying to catch your breath.

A magnificent pegasus with a bluish tint appears in front of you. You back toward the tree. It is breathtaking.

Now you are back in your kitchen. What were you about to do again?


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