Little Do You Know.

This was written by Words from A Teenage Girl. I wanted to share this because it is so beautifully written. I choose what to reblog carefully. But this was a definite yes 🙂

Words from a Teenage Girl

Hey guys. So today’s post is a bit different. Its about something that means a lot to me and we all should realize at some point. I was going to do this like a normal post but I decided to change it up. Tell me if you like my blogging this way and if you are confused about this post then you might want to read an earlier post called A Hard Time in my Life. So here it goes:

Yes, my hair is in perfect loose curls
Yes, my white tee is perfectly tucked into my black skater skirt
Yes, my winged eyeliner is perfect today
Yes, you can see my perfectly white teeth showing through my perfect lip gloss
But what you don’t realize is,
I’m not perfect.
I’m actually far from perfect
Little do you know it took me and hour to get my hair this…

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