Morning Musings: The Theory of Humanity’s Destiny

Do you ever wonder if there is anything out there looking at Earth from some far away galaxy like a pebble? With eyes that can see far, with telescopes and advanced technology? People that wonder in turn, who lives there? What do they think. I think that everybody does. I think that it is everybody’s born nature to want to connect, to think about these things. night-medium.jpg

We always want new possibilities. New ways. Our Earth was where we were born. We stick to it because we are Earth’s children. But at some point in generations when humankind has reached it’s adulthood, will we finally leave our mother and venture out. When we branch out to find those other people and make connections? We’ve already tested our limits. We’ve launched rockets and travelled to the moon. We’ve gone to the neighbor’s house all by ourselves! We’ve projected the future for everyone’s entertainment with movies like 2001: A Space Odyssey. The character had technology like we have today – and iPad.

We all pick up on those little things and create or prevent them. We follow our own brain. We are like a never-ending train of humanity hurtling toward our destiny. Each human packed in their own car, their own era. The train will go on its own way. You cannot change where it goes otherwise it would be derailed.

So you must go with the flow, on a big scale of things. If the train is slightly off the rail change it, but don’t change it’s destiny. Just keep doing good, keep your head up.

Re-engineering the Earth

Keep On Keeping On


6 thoughts on “Morning Musings: The Theory of Humanity’s Destiny

  1. archana235

    I love how you managed to express this amazing phenomena in simple yet impacting words 🙂 Thanks for linking to my post! We shall together philosophically try to unravel the mysteries of the profound and amazingly unknown. 😀


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