Being (Not So) New At School

So as you DON’T know, I’m technically homeschooled. I have been all my life. I go to a school once a week, (if you’ve heard me mention school, that is probably what I was talking about, that and another class I’m taking.) And, as I always seem to do, I missed the first day of the semester. I hadn’t taken classes last semester. I’ve been in that school since second grade. I think this was the only time I actually didn’t go. The reason why is VERY complicated, and I choose not to waste your life telling you why. You will be bored. The result is that I just don’t get to have convenient sleepovers with Eleanor on Wednesday nights.

Anyway, back to the school thing, I was on vacation in Mexico that day. Therefore, I couldn’t come, of course one would think that I would end up in school rather than Mexico of all places, but, I mean, it’s more social studies than I would ever learn in school any day.

Anyway, that is where I got my portrait of the lovely woman who some readers may recognize as Frida Kahlo. (with a black cat! I didn’t know Frida Kahlo had a picture of a black cat! And a MONKEY!)

Anyway, it was a lovely day, the day I ate grasshopper octopus tacos of which I mentioned before, (in the form of cricket octopus tacos).

When I arrived at school for the second week, I was shocked by how everybody, (not my friends) but everybody else had grown up. It is a very small school. It is not like anybody remembered me, there were some new kids, and even one who lived an hour away. We have tables, not desks at my school, which anybody can sit at whenever. I observed how people had changed their seating positions. It was all so interesting, how one of the boys chose to sit at the table with me and two of my friends. And if I keep mentioning my friends, the whole class is pretty much made up of my friends, so I mean, I don’t have much of a problem with that.

People at school only really remembered me for certain things, and chose to bring them up. One boy I thought had left school FOREVER was there, looking years older, which he probably was.

Tomorrow is my third day of the semester. Wish me luck.



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