Black or White?

Hey guys, I need your opinion, does my blog look better white on black, like it is now, or black on white. I would really like your opinion, you need not avoid honesty in order to be nice πŸ™‚ (I probably do that) please leave me a comment, since it is very important for me to know whatΒ youΒ think. Again, (and more clearly this time), feel free to tell me if you like white better, I like both a lot.

I don’t know if turning my blog completely black is reflecting the mood I’m in or not, but I would like to know which you think is better. Black and white are both such bold, worldly colors, and both, (at least I think, and you may disagree), that they are both quite neutral on some levels.

I personally think that the black is very clean, and puts the writing up front and out of the shadows. Kind of like the stars. But I also don’t know if it is going to scare everybody away 😜.

Let me know your opinion!



11 thoughts on “Black or White?

  1. meganqm1

    I think the way it is now the black with white writing is lovely:) My blog is also set similar with the black background. I think it’s nice as you said it puts the writing up front.
    Then again the white and black could be just as lovely, the only thing I find is sometimes with the black is some photos don’t look right in a post but for the most part the blacks good:)

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