Friends = A Better Day

The day before yesterday was awful. School worked out just fine. I think that I have finally readjusted into the school. But pretty much everything else was horrible. Emotional breakdowns, crying. Just being really upset in general. I read a book, and it made everything feel a lot better. Even though it took me a long time to recover from the crying. I got to have some political debates at the end of the day however.

But what made everything better was yesterday…

Clara and Kastania have been my friends for nine years, we are mutual friends with Eleanor, they are very good people.  (I choose not to reveal any more information about them.) A few of my other friends, including Eleanor were there. I was so happy to see them, at least this once, talk with both of them, and relate about things.

We visited cute shops, and admired jewelry and bought candy. Of course it was a field trip kind of thing, we had to do it with a lot of boys around.

It was fun to hang out with everybody, but what I really enjoyed was being with my friends whom I had not seen in so long. I miss them a lot. Sometimes I forgot how I missed them, but now I know.

I spent a whole day with them!



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