The Terrifying, Wailing, It.

Last night I was hot, so I had trouble falling asleep. I was really tired and felt like I was about to fall asleep any minute. Then I heard a rustling in my dark bedroom. Now, I don’t think you know this about me, but I firmly believe in ghosts. Whenever I hear something, I hear something I have a list of things that it could be, then I listen, then I decide.

  1. Rodent in the wall
  2. Cat
  3. Ghost

First of all, No. 1 is likely. I’m OK with it as long as it doesn’t get out of the walls and eat my computer charger and important documents. Which it never does.

No. 2. Unlikely. We have cats but they never really come in my bedroom. It could be a cat, but whatever it is moving, it isn’t putting much weight on. I take into account what the size of the creature might be. It isn’t like I’m about to open my eyes and LOOK and SEE what the intruder is. I mean… that’s just too scary. And I’m just too tired.

No. 3, By my standards: HIGHLY likely. Ghosts can move through walls. They can be any type of creature of any size. They can go wherever they want. They can find and do what they like with whoever they want.

And that, is when the doorknob starts rattling. It’s not a rodent. I know it. But when I give it some more thought, I realize that it could be outside my bedroom too.

Suddenly, my muscles start to become stiff. My whole body becomes stiff. Sometimes a muscle will move, shake. My brain can feel the tension. I don’t dare put the blanket over my head. What if It hears me? I can hear It. I dare not move my teeth to bite my lip. It would hear that.

It was rattling the doorknob louder. Either It wanted out, or It wanted IN! What if I were to let It in? Either way, if I got out I might accidentally encounter It? What if I were not able to make it to the next morning? I tried not to even shiver. I could hear It’s light weight bumping the door in such a way that the doorknob rattled. Maybe It had no hands?!

Either It was trapped in my room with me, because It couldn’t open the door because It had no hands, and It was destined to eat me alive. Maybe It was hungry. I imagined the curtains of my bedroom slowly opening and It’s scary face looking down at me. It was either that, or It wanted me. It had the drive to get into my room and It was going to do what It could to get me, Dead or Alive.

And then, I heard It. Sound come from the fathoms of It’s mouth. I lay frozen. Half of my head to the mattress, and half facing exposed. I didn’t dare let my eyelids flutter.

It was a whimpering sound. Perhaps It was a beast or a child? I lay glued. I couldn’t escape. It must be outside! If I were to leave my bedroom doors, then It would be outside of them! The whimpering began to morph. It morphed and became louder. It turned into wailing. The wail seemed to last forever, but it couldn’t have lasted more than a fraction of a second. I was scared. And then, It, It with no hands, It with the light, ghostly weight. It with silent, vengeful rustling. It – destined to open my curtains at some terrifying moment. It who was rattling the doorknob ready to get in and kill me in a horrible, late night perishing. It… meowed.

I froze! I knew exactly what it was now! A Ghost Cat! What if It was a shapeshifter? What if It was disguising Itself as a cat to trick me? then, I heard it again, a meow. And then, I felt on the end of my bed, the ever so slight push of weight. very slight. I was so still I almost felt the vibrations of the elusive presence, coming in waves toward my head. I felt one paw. Then another. Then another. And then one more. It was moving toward my face!

I felt the cold breath unleashed from lurking in It’s respiratory glands. It was close. It was closer. It with four paws and a Meow was on my stomach. I opened my eyes. Now I could see It.



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