Easy Math

Hi, I guess I haven’t actually written a post in a long time by Raven Wings’ standards, but I’m still alive, don’t worry! I might as well give you an update on life since there’s really not much else to do, and I’ve spent all my ideas on unpublished posts that you  have yet to read!

Yesterday I woke up in the morning and had to make 100 brownies for a club I’m in. There was a taste test of the brownies, and I had to grade papers, which was quite easy because there were four kinds of samples. If they got one wrong I just had to take away 25%. I got over feeling really bad and depressed a few days ago, although it is still wearing off.

Today I am going on a field trip to see how The Force Awakens was made. Only problem? I haven’t see The Force Awakens, and every single other person going there has probably seen it. Of course I still want to go especially since I get to go with Clara and Kastania again, and talk with them in the car. 🙂

Actually I don’t even know if they’ve seen it.

When I was setting out my clothes last night and listening to the radio, I thought about how I wear black too much. Hmm. I hardly have any clothes that I wear that aren’t black or grey. I know that you really aren’t really supposed to wear it that often because people will think you either aren’t fashion forward or your in a very long period of mourning, and that is not true for me, at least I hope!




PLEASE VISIT, you’ve probably been before when it was called Claudia’s Thoughts, but she changed her name and URL, so if you want to catch up on her posts, they are all right there, just with an awesome new name! PLEASE VISIT I repeat!

-Ariana, x




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