My Minimal Makeup Collection

Why not do a review of my makeup? I mean, a good blog has EVERYTHING. So the deal with makeup is that I don’t wear it. I’m not actually allowed to that often, and as a result, and also as there aren’t many closely shopping options, my makeup collection is so tiny that this post can’t take too long. In fact, all of my beauty products fit in this one tiny box:



This is my Elle Matte Color Collection in six colors from Cream all the way through the  browns to Black. It is useful for a very light touch up with eyeshadow.


My lip gloss. Something that came in a red sequined bag. That’s all I really know. There was a third one, but I really don’t know where it got to.


Ah. Dollar store products, so wonderful yet so trashy. Here’s some mascara from the dollar store, which you have no need for taking off before you sleep because the instant you hit the pillow, BOOM! It’s gone, leaving not even a trace. This is LA Colors in black.


And last, but most certainly not least, my Lorac Flower Child, the highlight of my make up collection, probably the best beauty item in the whole thing. When you wear it, it makes quite the statement, as it is bright, so I usually tone it down a little. But sometimes it can complement my skin tone very well. Especially which such things as turquoise jewelry, which I tend to wear. A lot.

So yes, I know, my makeup collection is kind of pathetic, but when I really need makeup, it comes in handy. But it is not even complete. It lacks: blush, concealer, eyeliner, foundation, moisturizer, primer, powder, bronzer, lip pencils, lip stain, and probably some more things.



6 thoughts on “My Minimal Makeup Collection

  1. Truuty

    Lovely post! I think you should be really proud of yourself for not owning much makeup because people should be comfortable and confident in their own skin. Wearing lots of makeup can lower your confidence in your natural beauty. This kind of topic can bring up a lot of discussion and I have a lot of different thought on wearing/not wearing makeup. Personally, I do wear makeup but not that much of it. Anyway, before I get off topic, I loved this post! Woop woop! You’re awesome! Lots of love from Truuty xx

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