The Bliss Of Volunteer Work

Hello my friends!

This is an update, if you are new or just haven’t read the last post, I suggest you might want to so that you’ll understand what is happening in this post.

Basically all I had to do yesterday during volunteering was lay down on hammock and talk to people in Hawaii, while eating chocolate.

The first phone call I made, I was really, really, freaked out to start punching numbers into my iPhone.

First of all I had no idea who I was about to talk to. People disagree about politics all the time and I know a lot of people who don’t like telemarketers. Well, actually nobody does. But somehow, lying there with my headphones on, and my laptop balanced on my legs, I was able to get up some courage to actually dial the phone number. Nobody answered.

For about ten calls after that, I had no response.

Then I finally got in touch with somebody. They were nice, and there was something quite liberating about talking to a complete stranger.

The next call where somebody actually picked up, things didn’t go quite as smoothly as the man on the other end kept yelling at me: “What do you want?! What do you want?!” To which each time I calmly replied. Finally, he hung up. This of course made me lose some of my confidence. I had put my music on shuffle, so each time I hung up I would hear a little bit of a song which boosted my confidence back up.

The calls continued, and I discovered much to my happy surprise that Hawaiians actually do say “Aloha”

I made 96 calls that day.

If there is some sort of cause you want to support, or anything like that, I suggest you volunteer for it. Not only does it help something else, it helps you, because you are a) educated and b) you feel really happy afterwards that you helped to make a difference. Also, at most times there are people around you who are sharing the fun.


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