Is Immigration Really That Bad? Liberal Politics With Alex

Hi  Readers,

I’m happy to present Alex (from Happy Alex)’s half of this week’s theme on immigration. Since we are liberal, we see a different side of the issue of immigration. If you would like to check out Alex’s blog, (I’m sure you’ve you’ve seen it), it is here, and don’t forget to read my installment!

Let my rambling and link sharing cease, and let Alex’s opinion begin:

In our mostly white and privileged society we seem to have become afraid of immigration. And this isn’t surprising when terms such as ‘illegal immigrant’ are so often thrown around in the media. And whilst we have been wrapped up in this demonization and western patriotism we seem to have forgotten that immigration isn’t really a bad thing at all.

Of course, there is a large amount of immigration in the UK, but is seems that in areas where there isn’t actually a problem at all, people still thinks it’s a huge issue. Out of all immigrants Muslims seem to face the biggest amount of prejudice, due to the wrong and sickening association to terrorism. People seem to focus on a person of colour instantly and I think because there’s such a focus, people are under the illusion that there are more Muslims in their country than there actually is.

In a survey done in the UK it was estimated by those who took the survey that the percentage of muslims in the UK was 21%, whilst it is actually only 5%.

In America, those surveyed also overestimated the proportion of Muslims in the USA, guessing it was 15% when it is actually only 1%.

(survey by Ipsos, source The Guardian)

But the thing is, we DESPERATELY NEED IMMIGRANTS FOR OUR ECONOMY. A huge percentage of workers in the NHS are immigrants and most immigrants are young people who are willing to start at the bottom, doing low paid jobs e.g. cleaners that many British citizens would turn their noses up at. In terms of unemployment, immigrants are amongst those who are struggling to get a job and it is infact much more difficult for immigrants to get a job, as applicants born in the UK are always considered first, even if they have a worse skillset than the immigrant applying for the job in the first place. Life is not easy for the vast majority of immigrants and the government do all they can to make it even harder.

When talking about immigration we seem to not attach real people to the situation, but an imaginary figure of a crime committing villain portrayed in the media that speaks for all immigrants. When in reality, the percentage of illegal immigrants is tiny compared to the majority that work. As a society we blame all our problems on these alienated human beings, but forget to thank them for all their benefits, as we tuck into our Tikka Masala from the Indian take-away. We are a society that judge everything by personal gain and in the process of panic and greed, we have forgotten that many immigrants are fleeing conflict or poverty and are fully prepared to give something back to the country that has sheltered them. I think many people are afraid of immigration, because deep down a multicultural society makes them uncomfortable, when really they experience the benefits everyday. Just because someone has a different accent than you, or wears different clothes or eats different foods does not make them any less important or entitled to respect and safety than yourself and your own family.

Thank you so much for reading,




A Little Piece Of Imperfect Stardust

Sometimes, one has to get over the fact that they will never be perfect. Not perfect. No. Nobody is. Think about it. We’re all star dust, star dust that in a highly debated theory came from a very imperfect explosion, which came from well, nothing. So extreme. Perfection is a balance, and if you ask me, it came from severe imbalance. In fact, life seems to thrive off of imperfection.


But if you think about it, you are not perfect. But you are perfectly imperfect. Flaws lead to flawlessness. Why do people like to look at rough sketches, and call them finished art. Imperfection is what makes vintage things cool. A polished world is not a place we want to live in. Imperfection is what makes you different. It is what makes you you.

Somebody searching for perfection will only find themselves trapped in the imperfection that they didn’t

So think of the positive things in you. Don’t search for perfection. Search for better, and admire what you have inside you.

Life is unfair, so nothing can be perfect, and I sound cynical, but it is a plain truth.

Getting a grip on these truths is a hard thing when I have been done wrong. When I’m upset, I don’t like being told simply that “life is unfair.” It does not satisfy me, and it does not ease my pain. But it does bring in some reason. What always turns things around for me, in this situation is thinking of starving people, people who live in places where terrorists are blowing up their neighbors houses.

The search for perfection however is something that I find to be in cases necessary, it is what helps driven students get the best grades. It simply makes things better, improved, but it often finds people at a point where they themselves are not perfect enough, and it can lead them to feeling bad about themselves.

In a galaxy where everything is unique, yet everything is the same, people struggle in their own minds to be their own kind of perfect, or what tumblr_nsxpoy1tJJ1sui7zbo1_1280somebody else would judge as perfect. Don’t find who you are in the looks of somebody else. Find what highlights you. Each piece of your work is unique, and that is why, if you become a famous artist, your work will actually be bought. Nobody wants same old same old.

Find your own place in the galaxy and light up that stardust, to grow into it’s own shining star. It is what is important. Be yourself. Not “perfect”

As  Beyoncé sings, “Perfection is a disease of a nation, it’s the soul that needs a surgery”


“Ladies, I’m flawless!” Stop right there Beyoncé! You are not “Flawless” You are full of beautiful flaws, it is why everybody loves you!

So what do we get out of all of this?

Be flawed, it’s flawless.



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Dentists, Heels, and Strangers Laughing At Me

After the death of my cat, the air has been kind of sad around the household, this air carried by our cat’s brother. However, I’m still on my feet, and reading things and writing them down.

We were driving back from a dinner party and saw that our local arena/performance place which is usually lit up in blue was purple, of course I didn’t get it, and then… OHHHH! Everything is purple, duh! Probably everybody knows this but Prince died, so everything is lit up purple. I thought it was cool, because it was just like the Eiffel Tower and the Empire State Building.

Let’s see…

I did a lot of campaigning the other day and made the mistake of wearing high heels whose straps kept falling off and giving my feet blisters.

While I was out standing at a table, I finally got up courage to go walk by the opposing candidate’s stand, and because of my pin and t-shirt, everybody knew I was campaigning for their rival. I edged by them, tried to smile, but I don’t think that was possible, and looked at the pins and buttons inside their stand. Everybody was giving me weird, almost glaring looks, and staring at me. Some of them actually laughed. But I kept walking right by, staring straight ahead. Seeing them look at me was a little amusing. In full view of everybody in the market, I circled back, and got possibly even weirder looks, but finally made it back to my table, where everybody else was wearing t-shirts. Relief!

I came home and did more campaigning over the phone.

I was only able to make 30 calls, because after a day of campaigning, representing my candidate became very antagonizing, therefore overwhelming and emotionally draining.

So I looked at my phone.

The next day, I had to have my teeth cleaned, so I went to the dentists office.

The dental hygienist did a lot of cleaning, and brushing to see if my gums bled.

My mom had an appointment after I did, so I sat in the waiting room, and found out that Beyoncé had at long last come out with her new album, with a visual album to boot! I was naturally happy, and bought Formation, after a long period of waiting.

Then we went on a walk, and then shopping for clothes at Target and Old Navy, because I think it is safe to say I ran out of clothes and for the past few weeks have been wearing the same four outfits.

Then, my mom and I went to an enrollment conference for my new high school, which I will be starting this year!

Apparently I am going to be one of the youngest people in my class, which will be a challenge, and I was asked about waiting a year, but I said no. I still want to go to high school this year.

The day after that was a day of testing.

I got up, took a shower, and put on the clothes I’d set aside. Then I worked on peachy matte and tried for tiny wings on eyeliner, but of course that was really really messed up. I packed some chocolate, put it in my bag, and left.

I sat in a room with a bunch of people I didn’t know actually went to my school, and did an English test. Next was math. I got about every answer wrong, and thank goodness they aren’t placing me. Yet. But that’s a story for later.

In the afternoon session, Eleanor came in, by then I was almost finished with math and very stressed out. After that, I did another English test, which was very long, so I kept going out in the waiting room and drinking bottles of water, or eating stuff, just to calm me down, and help me focus, because by then, my chocolate was gone.

I came back in, and finished my English, and gladly went outside, and was just about to read an article when Eleanor’s brother came out. He said that you can take two tickets and put them in raffle bags, and that I did. I put on in for a $50 Amazon card and a $100 Target card.

Then, because there was nothing else to do. (EXCEPT READ THAT NEW YORK TIMES ARTICLE FROM 2009!) we decided to arrange all the food so everything was color coordinated and facing the same way.

So that’s it for anything semi-interesting.

I hope that you didn’t fall asleep while reading this.






What Music Do You Listen To?

Please have fun with the poll here! Feel free to check off everything you like! I apologize if there are any inaccurate representations.


My little baby kitten died.

She wasn’t a kitten, she was a full grown cat with less than two years of life in her. She was black, but in the sun her fur would shine a beautiful rust color. She loved to play. She loved to be mysterious. She’s a black cat, I mean what can you expect?


She was a beautiful creature and gift to planet Earth. She taught her brother, a marmalade cat everything he knows, and got him through hard times. They played together, ate together, and slept together in a little orange and black yin yang.

Her story began when she was rescued from a barn. Her mother, a feral cat could not take care of her, she was brought home in a box curled up inside the straw with her little brother by her side, both of whom were very fluffy. She had eyes of a deep sapphire blue, and was very fluffy. 014.JPG

She was always very curious. She would try to stand up and watch the laptop while a movie was playing, but she would wobble and fall over. She picked strange places to sleep, like a box with clothes in it. She
loved to curl up in fetal position. She loved to be outside.

And then one day, she disappeared. She was just gone. Her brother walked around, all sullen, and his little flame and spark gone. We thought that he must know, somehow. Yesterday a neighbor told my mom that he had seen the cat, and that she had been run over by a car. Her curiosity had brought her out onto the highway. She was a smart cat, but no match for the cars whizzing by.

No matter what she will always be thought of as a little baby kitten, running around and playing. Coming and scaring me at night. 

Goodbye my little kitten.

May you rest in peace.




Some very lovely blogger decided to start a tag called The Happiness Tag, who must have had the drive to make everyone happy. It is really spreading happiness! And speaking of happiness I was tagged to do this by Abbie.
Therefore I am happy.

The Rules:

  • List 5 things that make you happy
  • List 5 songs that make you happy
  • And then nominate 5 people.

Five things that make me happy:

  • Really good food when I’m hungry.

I’m serious, this whole food thing is really delicious and I like it.

  • Spending time with my family

Like most everybody, I love my family, and am fortunate to have so many members in it, all of which are very lovely people. Everybody loves each other and enjoys being around each other. Both my mother and my father’s sides are full of amazing people and they are a gift to have.

  • Listening to good music and relaxing.

That’s kind of two things but I often do them at the same time, I grab my headphones or my earbuds, shove them in my phone, turn on some Beyoncé, close my eyes, and listen. And then of course there is when I’m allowed to borrow someone’s really loud speakers. That’s when I dance.

  • Being with friends.

The only people who are as nice to be around as my family are my friends. I fit right in, nobody cares about anything, and since I’m always the friend who laughs and make everybody laugh, it is very fun.

  • Writing.

Writing I love it so much, and I enjoyed writing these things down so much that I’m thinking of doing one of those long lists posts.

5 songs that make me happy. HOW TO CHOOSE?

Well I will tell you that the song that is on the top of my list also happens to be on the list of the person who nominated me and that is “Lush Life” by Zara Larsson.

AGHHH! It’s the girl who sounds like Rihanna and who came out with a song that releases all sorts of happy chemicals.

What is it about this song? The triumphant trumpets?

Life is good.

This is just a fun dance song.

And now for my delightful nominees:






So long, and farewell,



I’m Not Stuck In An Elephant Trunk












Smudging eyeliner



Petting cats






Drinking water and tea




That’s what I’ve been doing a lot. And you guessed it, I have a cold. It is very annoying. What is even more annoying is I had just thought myself DONE with being sick, (I  had a flu) when suddenly I started blowing my nose, coughing and of course, sneezing.

While I had my lovely flu, it told me that I was not allowed to use my computer because, actually I don’t know why, and I never actually felt like using my computer. So I colored, coughed, read a book and sneezed instead. So began a short fallout with my computer in which our only interaction was for phone banking and learning about Russian relations. And with my computer went good old Raven Wings. For a week at least. But today I forced myself to acknowledge my computer’s presence in order to make sure you knew that I was not stuck inside the trunk of an elephant and that’s why you’ve been hearing all this sneezing. It’s not an elephant. It’s me.

And here I am sneezing away on the other side of the screen… wait. OK, I have to admit I’m not sneezing THAT MUCH, I just have a really stuffy nose.

Anyway, besides doing nothing today, I did nothing, and a little bit more nothing.  Anyway, I have been trying hard to recover, but I guess recovering is really nothing you can  “try really hard to do”, but waiting is really all I can say.

If you watch this video, you will probably notice that it must be very fun to be Beyoncé and actually able to dance.

Well, as long as I’m not sick for the rest of the week, (I’m sure Beyoncé videos will cure me right away ~rolls eyes with sarcasm~,) it won’t be quite as bad as they are AIRING THAT AD THING AND I SOUND HORRIBLE.

I want to go the Formation Tour, and they are selling tickets, so if I had money: “OK ladies now lets get Formation tickets” Hehe, just a little fantasy of mine. I think my fantasizing about going to Beyoncé tours is a sure sign that being sick is getting to my head and I should stop blogging otherwise I might mess up this post and it will make all my sneezing end badly.



Changing Blog URL – itsemiwee to giftedwiththoughts

Emily had to change her URL from itsemiwee to giftedwiththoughts. I want to make sure everyone still gets to read her lovely posts. I think it is very important we bloggers support each other when curious older brothers are at hand.

Gifted With Thoughts

Okay so I left my laptop unattended and open (great move Emily) and my brother decided that his curiosity got the better of him and went to look on it.

He found my blog.

Yeah, fun.

Hence new blog URL which is basically a twenty one pilots lyric from Holding On To You (“lyrics that mean nothing, we were gifted with thought”) but “giftedwiththought” was already taken so I had to do “giftedwiththoughts” 😀

It’s still me, guys. It’s still Emily. All my other social medias that have “itsemiwee” or some variation as the user will not change, but I probably won’t be associating myself with “emiwee” anymore.

I guess you could call it starting fresh? It’s really because of my brother and his stupid curiosity. Although I have wanted to change my url for some time now.

Anyway, just a notice!


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Say Hello… Internet Privacy and Safety


The day before yesterday was that fashion thing. It was a little bit hard because I had to sit and wait in a room with fluorescent lights for about five hours. Which was kind of hard. Especially walking around in those high heels because I kept thinking I was going to go up onto the stage. I finally got up there, and one 1st place through Danish style judging.

Then, I got home, and couldn’t stop listening to Beyoncé’s Formation, because it is SO good.

Then, Eleanor’s mom called, and soon we went out to see a play, which was Fiddler On the Roof. It made me a little bored, but it was still very good, and everybody was very talented.

Then I had a sleepover with Eleanor and we mostly just talked about ornithology and politics.

When I got home, I went out and rode my bike around two miles in order to get to Walgreens. Because I felt like going somewhere. Sorry, my mom wanted me to go somewhere.

So that is pretty much it for the news.

If you want to email me I’m here: (guest posts etc., or just hi.)

This is my Kik profile: missdiplomat

But here’s the thing, I have given myself a couple of rules with this. If I have no idea who you are, it is probable I won’t reply on email. I think it is very important to protect my privacy and safety. However if I know you well, which there is a good chance I do, I will definitely reply back, and then we will end up in a LONG email conversation. Which is fun!

On Kik, which is pretty much texting, I will go ahead and block pretty much whoever messages me for the same reason. For those of you who are complete strangers to me, I don’t want to get involved, because it could be dangerous. But if you want to chat, please let me know who you are, and what you blog, and it too is most certain we will get in a chat! So feel free, but understand you might get blocked.

So that’s it for now!





Everyday Gender Inequality – Liberal Politics Enthusiast

Hi, it’s Ariana here, the second installment of Liberal Politics Enthusiast is here, and the theme of this week is about gender inequality.

Alex’s last post on my blog is here. If you’d like to know a little bit more about why some of her talented writing ended up on my blog, and what’s going on, it’s here.

And without further ado, I’ll leave you will Alex:

Hello everyone, it’s Alex and today I’m going to be talking about examples of everyday gender inequality, because I think as a society we like to trick ourselves into thinking that we are not prejudiced, but hundreds of years of sexism has been ingrained into our minds,so that we subconsioussly make judgements. I think the best way to tackle this is to be aware of what we’re doing, so that we can make the changes that are currently being ignored.
Firstly, I think attitudes towards weight are completely different amongst men and women. As teenagers, growing boys are allowed to eat loads of food because they’re ‘growing lads’ whilst girls are pressurized to suddendly fit into the perfect female body. Weight gain for a man can be seen as a positive thing – something humorous or something to enhance their masuclintiy, but of course, weight gain for a woman, as we all know, is generally treated very differently. But on the other hand, I feel like some people feel it is more socially acceptable to mock a man’s weight over a woman’s, because of the reasons I have mentioned previously, but this is very presumptions and I feel as a society, we’re often not empathetic to the idea of a man actually being insecure about his body.

There are also a lot of phrases thrown around, even by people who would never consider themselves sexists (and maybe I’m harsh to call them that) that promote male dominace such as ‘man up’ or ‘take it like a man’ or ‘stop being such a girl’ Excuse me, but girls can be great, continue being a girl.

Another example, is how, traditionally, men do the flirtling first, ask the girl on a date first and make the proposal. The men ‘chat up’ up the girls they like the look of and the girls sort of just go with it. I know not all love is like this and who proposes doesn’t show us the strength of the relationship, but it’s just a weird tradition that reflects how women have felt silent in relationships throughout history.

Sexism is even ingrained in freaking chocolate. Ever heard of the YORKIE chocolate bar with charming taglines such as ‘man fuel for man stuff’ or ‘not available in pink’ Can we please address what exactly is ‘man stuff’ and why we even allocate genders for COLOURS. I honestly don’t understand how we got to the point where we made pink for girls and blue for boys. What that has to do with anything? Now, as soon as a boy admits he likes pink at the age of six, he’s considered ‘camp’ or ‘girly’ From infancy, baby girls come clad in pink and yellow, boys flashing green and blue, sporting t-shirts such as ‘daddy’s little man’ or ‘mummy’s princess’ No wonder, that when they grow up, they feel pressurized to fill these expectations and stupid prophecies.

There’s many other examples, some of which I’ve coved before, such as when a girl is upset, society assumes she must be on her period, because women can’t ever be passionate or have complex feelings. And it’s very telling of the situation when I could have picked so many and I know it seems that these things are insignifgant, but they’re tiny building blocks in a very big brick wall and in order to break the wall we must dismantle it piece by piece. It doesn’t matter how small the problem is, it’s still sexism and it still affects people’s lives every single day. We can not have an equal society if these problems are not addressed.

Thank you so much for reading,


(Ariana’s post will be up on my blog soon and we would both appreciate it if you checked it out!)