I’m Still Happy


I have been very happy lately, well, relatively for me! I think what is making me really happy is doing something by volunteering!

I’ve also really been enjoying writing a new novel, which I started the day before yesterday. I also got myself a new email, so I don’t have to look through a bunch of trash when I look at my email. Well, I won’t have to… but right now I’m still waiting for other personal emails on my other account.

I also found out that Clara started a WordPress blog, and I will not yet disclose to you the link. But some day…

Fun fact: I currently have 27 drafts. Soon I might be releasing all my drafts into my archives, so if you ever want something to look at you can!

Here is your playlist for today, and if you want you can listen to it, if you listen to the kind of stuff I do.




21 thoughts on “I’m Still Happy

  1. daisy360

    Good luck on the novel! Thanks for the playlist gonna have to listen to all of these again now. I love Team by Iggy Azalea, I am hoping this new album will be good.
    Daisy x

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