March Favorites

Let’s cut to the chase here:


Polyvore. This boosts the need to create, and is a little addicting. Here is my profile.


I’m going to have to say that that is volunteering which means helping a campaign and hanging out with people who have the same political views as I do.


This is the hardest. Oh, and by the way when you are chosen as my favorite blogger it usually means you get a Blogger of the Month kind of thing. No badge. Nothing fancy. Just my most clicked each month, just because of the pure greatness of your work. Nothing can be expressed that justifies!

OK. Probably Ayele. Oh, and then of course there is Alex, who I have discovered is just a generally awesome person.


😦 The hard choice has come. 😦 I hate making these decisions. OK. Maybe just maybe it means that I must admit that it was probably The Hunger Games Catching Fire. I know last time it was the first movie, but I mean, I really like it OK??? OK, and then there are a bunch of other really good movies I watched this month, so my honorable mention would be Dawn of the Planet of the Apes. I’m really not an action movie type of person, but because of certain people I end up being around, action movies tend to be what I watch. And some of them have big meanings behind them.


Shakira Shakira! Is that all I have to say?


Far Side of the Moon – Tinashe. This song is just so sad and beautiful and soulful. It is SO underrated. Please give it a listen.

Other Stuff

Please try Sweet Magnolia and Creme lotion from Bath & Body works. It smells heavenly and is refreshing after a shower.

With Love To The Universe,


Note: Pictures for this post will be posted tomorrow hopefully!


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