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Hi, it’s Ariana here, the second installment of Liberal Politics Enthusiast is here, and the theme of this week is about gender inequality.

Alex’s last post on my blog is here. If you’d like to know a little bit more about why some of her talented writing ended up on my blog, and what’s going on, it’s here.

And without further ado, I’ll leave you will Alex:

Hello everyone, it’s Alex and today I’m going to be talking about examples of everyday gender inequality, because I think as a society we like to trick ourselves into thinking that we are not prejudiced, but hundreds of years of sexism has been ingrained into our minds,so that we subconsioussly make judgements. I think the best way to tackle this is to be aware of what we’re doing, so that we can make the changes that are currently being ignored.
Firstly, I think attitudes towards weight are completely different amongst men and women. As teenagers, growing boys are allowed to eat loads of food because they’re ‘growing lads’ whilst girls are pressurized to suddendly fit into the perfect female body. Weight gain for a man can be seen as a positive thing – something humorous or something to enhance their masuclintiy, but of course, weight gain for a woman, as we all know, is generally treated very differently. But on the other hand, I feel like some people feel it is more socially acceptable to mock a man’s weight over a woman’s, because of the reasons I have mentioned previously, but this is very presumptions and I feel as a society, we’re often not empathetic to the idea of a man actually being insecure about his body.

There are also a lot of phrases thrown around, even by people who would never consider themselves sexists (and maybe I’m harsh to call them that) that promote male dominace such as ‘man up’ or ‘take it like a man’ or ‘stop being such a girl’ Excuse me, but girls can be great, continue being a girl.

Another example, is how, traditionally, men do the flirtling first, ask the girl on a date first and make the proposal. The men ‘chat up’ up the girls they like the look of and the girls sort of just go with it. I know not all love is like this and who proposes doesn’t show us the strength of the relationship, but it’s just a weird tradition that reflects how women have felt silent in relationships throughout history.

Sexism is even ingrained in freaking chocolate. Ever heard of the YORKIE chocolate bar with charming taglines such as ‘man fuel for man stuff’ or ‘not available in pink’ Can we please address what exactly is ‘man stuff’ and why we even allocate genders for COLOURS. I honestly don’t understand how we got to the point where we made pink for girls and blue for boys. What that has to do with anything? Now, as soon as a boy admits he likes pink at the age of six, he’s considered ‘camp’ or ‘girly’ From infancy, baby girls come clad in pink and yellow, boys flashing green and blue, sporting t-shirts such as ‘daddy’s little man’ or ‘mummy’s princess’ No wonder, that when they grow up, they feel pressurized to fill these expectations and stupid prophecies.

There’s many other examples, some of which I’ve coved before, such as when a girl is upset, society assumes she must be on her period, because women can’t ever be passionate or have complex feelings. And it’s very telling of the situation when I could have picked so many and I know it seems that these things are insignifgant, but they’re tiny building blocks in a very big brick wall and in order to break the wall we must dismantle it piece by piece. It doesn’t matter how small the problem is, it’s still sexism and it still affects people’s lives every single day. We can not have an equal society if these problems are not addressed.

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