Changing Blog URL – itsemiwee to giftedwiththoughts

Emily had to change her URL from itsemiwee to giftedwiththoughts. I want to make sure everyone still gets to read her lovely posts. I think it is very important we bloggers support each other when curious older brothers are at hand.

Gifted With Thoughts

Okay so I left my laptop unattended and open (great move Emily) and my brother decided that his curiosity got the better of him and went to look on it.

He found my blog.

Yeah, fun.

Hence new blog URL which is basically a twenty one pilots lyric from Holding On To You (“lyrics that mean nothing, we were gifted with thought”) but “giftedwiththought” was already taken so I had to do “giftedwiththoughts” 😀

It’s still me, guys. It’s still Emily. All my other social medias that have “itsemiwee” or some variation as the user will not change, but I probably won’t be associating myself with “emiwee” anymore.

I guess you could call it starting fresh? It’s really because of my brother and his stupid curiosity. Although I have wanted to change my url for some time now.

Anyway, just a notice!


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