I’m Not Stuck In An Elephant Trunk












Smudging eyeliner



Petting cats






Drinking water and tea




That’s what I’ve been doing a lot. And you guessed it, I have a cold. It is very annoying. What is even more annoying is I had just thought myself DONE with being sick, (I  had a flu) when suddenly I started blowing my nose, coughing and of course, sneezing.

While I had my lovely flu, it told me that I was not allowed to use my computer because, actually I don’t know why, and I never actually felt like using my computer. So I colored, coughed, read a book and sneezed instead. So began a short fallout with my computer in which our only interaction was for phone banking and learning about Russian relations. And with my computer went good old Raven Wings. For a week at least. But today I forced myself to acknowledge my computer’s presence in order to make sure you knew that I was not stuck inside the trunk of an elephant and that’s why you’ve been hearing all this sneezing. It’s not an elephant. It’s me.

And here I am sneezing away on the other side of the screen… wait. OK, I have to admit I’m not sneezing THAT MUCH, I just have a really stuffy nose.

Anyway, besides doing nothing today, I did nothing, and a little bit more nothing.  Anyway, I have been trying hard to recover, but I guess recovering is really nothing you can  “try really hard to do”, but waiting is really all I can say.

If you watch this video, you will probably notice that it must be very fun to be Beyoncé and actually able to dance.

Well, as long as I’m not sick for the rest of the week, (I’m sure Beyoncé videos will cure me right away ~rolls eyes with sarcasm~,) it won’t be quite as bad as they are AIRING THAT AD THING AND I SOUND HORRIBLE.

I want to go the Formation Tour, and they are selling tickets, so if I had money: “OK ladies now lets get Formation tickets” Hehe, just a little fantasy of mine. I think my fantasizing about going to Beyoncé tours is a sure sign that being sick is getting to my head and I should stop blogging otherwise I might mess up this post and it will make all my sneezing end badly.



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