Some very lovely blogger decided to start a tag called The Happiness Tag, who must have had the drive to make everyone happy. It is really spreading happiness! And speaking of happiness I was tagged to do this by Abbie.
Therefore I am happy.

The Rules:

  • List 5 things that make you happy
  • List 5 songs that make you happy
  • And then nominate 5 people.

Five things that make me happy:

  • Really good food when I’m hungry.

I’m serious, this whole food thing is really delicious and I like it.

  • Spending time with my family

Like most everybody, I love my family, and am fortunate to have so many members in it, all of which are very lovely people. Everybody loves each other and enjoys being around each other. Both my mother and my father’s sides are full of amazing people and they are a gift to have.

  • Listening to good music and relaxing.

That’s kind of two things but I often do them at the same time, I grab my headphones or my earbuds, shove them in my phone, turn on some Beyoncé, close my eyes, and listen. And then of course there is when I’m allowed to borrow someone’s really loud speakers. That’s when I dance.

  • Being with friends.

The only people who are as nice to be around as my family are my friends. I fit right in, nobody cares about anything, and since I’m always the friend who laughs and make everybody laugh, it is very fun.

  • Writing.

Writing I love it so much, and I enjoyed writing these things down so much that I’m thinking of doing one of those long lists posts.

5 songs that make me happy. HOW TO CHOOSE?

Well I will tell you that the song that is on the top of my list also happens to be on the list of the person who nominated me and that is “Lush Life” by Zara Larsson.

AGHHH! It’s the girl who sounds like Rihanna and who came out with a song that releases all sorts of happy chemicals.

What is it about this song? The triumphant trumpets?

Life is good.

This is just a fun dance song.

And now for my delightful nominees:






So long, and farewell,



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