A Little Piece Of Imperfect Stardust

Sometimes, one has to get over the fact that they will never be perfect. Not perfect. No. Nobody is. Think about it. We’re all star dust, star dust that in a highly debated theory came from a very imperfect explosion, which came from well, nothing. So extreme. Perfection is a balance, and if you ask me, it came from severe imbalance. In fact, life seems to thrive off of imperfection.


But if you think about it, you are not perfect. But you are perfectly imperfect. Flaws lead to flawlessness. Why do people like to look at rough sketches, and call them finished art. Imperfection is what makes vintage things cool. A polished world is not a place we want to live in. Imperfection is what makes you different. It is what makes you you.

Somebody searching for perfection will only find themselves trapped in the imperfection that they didn’t want.art-artist-draw-drawing-Favim.com-3052732

So think of the positive things in you. Don’t search for perfection. Search for better, and admire what you have inside you.

Life is unfair, so nothing can be perfect, and I sound cynical, but it is a plain truth.

Getting a grip on these truths is a hard thing when I have been done wrong. When I’m upset, I don’t like being told simply that “life is unfair.” It does not satisfy me, and it does not ease my pain. But it does bring in some reason. What always turns things around for me, in this situation is thinking of starving people, people who live in places where terrorists are blowing up their neighbors houses.

The search for perfection however is something that I find to be in cases necessary, it is what helps driven students get the best grades. It simply makes things better, improved, but it often finds people at a point where they themselves are not perfect enough, and it can lead them to feeling bad about themselves.

In a galaxy where everything is unique, yet everything is the same, people struggle in their own minds to be their own kind of perfect, or what tumblr_nsxpoy1tJJ1sui7zbo1_1280somebody else would judge as perfect. Don’t find who you are in the looks of somebody else. Find what highlights you. Each piece of your work is unique, and that is why, if you become a famous artist, your work will actually be bought. Nobody wants same old same old.

Find your own place in the galaxy and light up that stardust, to grow into it’s own shining star. It is what is important. Be yourself. Not “perfect”

As  Beyoncé sings, “Perfection is a disease of a nation, it’s the soul that needs a surgery”


“Ladies, I’m flawless!” Stop right there Beyoncé! You are not “Flawless” You are full of beautiful flaws, it is why everybody loves you!

So what do we get out of all of this?

Be flawed, it’s flawless.



(Images are not mine)


10 thoughts on “A Little Piece Of Imperfect Stardust

  1. parisianpages

    I agree with everything you said in this because you brought out some good points. I know that we are all imperfect and insecure about certain things on our bodies but I find that the most confident people

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