Dentists, Heels, and Strangers Laughing At Me

After the death of my cat, the air has been kind of sad around the household, this air carried by our cat’s brother. However, I’m still on my feet, and reading things and writing them down.

We were driving back from a dinner party and saw that our local arena/performance place which is usually lit up in blue was purple, of course I didn’t get it, and then… OHHHH! Everything is purple, duh! Probably everybody knows this but Prince died, so everything is lit up purple. I thought it was cool, because it was just like the Eiffel Tower and the Empire State Building.

Let’s see…

I did a lot of campaigning the other day and made the mistake of wearing high heels whose straps kept falling off and giving my feet blisters.

While I was out standing at a table, I finally got up courage to go walk by the opposing candidate’s stand, and because of my pin and t-shirt, everybody knew I was campaigning for their rival. I edged by them, tried to smile, but I don’t think that was possible, and looked at the pins and buttons inside their stand. Everybody was giving me weird, almost glaring looks, and staring at me. Some of them actually laughed. But I kept walking right by, staring straight ahead. Seeing them look at me was a little amusing. In full view of everybody in the market, I circled back, and got possibly even weirder looks, but finally made it back to my table, where everybody else was wearing t-shirts. Relief!

I came home and did more campaigning over the phone.

I was only able to make 30 calls, because after a day of campaigning, representing my candidate became very antagonizing, therefore overwhelming and emotionally draining.

So I looked at my phone.

The next day, I had to have my teeth cleaned, so I went to the dentists office.

The dental hygienist did a lot of cleaning, and brushing to see if my gums bled.

My mom had an appointment after I did, so I sat in the waiting room, and found out that Beyoncé had at long last come out with her new album, with a visual album to boot! I was naturally happy, and bought Formation, after a long period of waiting.

Then we went on a walk, and then shopping for clothes at Target and Old Navy, because I think it is safe to say I ran out of clothes and for the past few weeks have been wearing the same four outfits.

Then, my mom and I went to an enrollment conference for my new high school, which I will be starting this year!

Apparently I am going to be one of the youngest people in my class, which will be a challenge, and I was asked about waiting a year, but I said no. I still want to go to high school this year.

The day after that was a day of testing.

I got up, took a shower, and put on the clothes I’d set aside. Then I worked on peachy matte and tried for tiny wings on eyeliner, but of course that was really really messed up. I packed some chocolate, put it in my bag, and left.

I sat in a room with a bunch of people I didn’t know actually went to my school, and did an English test. Next was math. I got about every answer wrong, and thank goodness they aren’t placing me. Yet. But that’s a story for later.

In the afternoon session, Eleanor came in, by then I was almost finished with math and very stressed out. After that, I did another English test, which was very long, so I kept going out in the waiting room and drinking bottles of water, or eating stuff, just to calm me down, and help me focus, because by then, my chocolate was gone.

I came back in, and finished my English, and gladly went outside, and was just about to read an article when Eleanor’s brother came out. He said that you can take two tickets and put them in raffle bags, and that I did. I put on in for a $50 Amazon card and a $100 Target card.

Then, because there was nothing else to do. (EXCEPT READ THAT NEW YORK TIMES ARTICLE FROM 2009!) we decided to arrange all the food so everything was color coordinated and facing the same way.

So that’s it for anything semi-interesting.

I hope that you didn’t fall asleep while reading this.






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