The Green Party – Liberal Politics With Alex

Hello everyone! It’s Alex from HappyAlex and as part of myself and Ariana’s collaborative project today I would like to talk about the political party(ies) I support. When I was little I was always thought ‘party’ just meant that politicians partied a lot and I always thought it was unfair how they got paid so much considering they were always out having such a good time and never doing any work. Anyway, now I like to think I know what a political party is and I think due to my parent’s influence I have always been more interested in left wing/liberal politics.


My Dad is a huge supporter of the Green party and is actually a member. The Green party are a very left wing party and are currently lead by Natalie Bennett. They  concentrate on the environment (but lots of other things too!). I think some of the coolest people are supporters of the Green Party and I’ve been around many of them when I go to music festivals and have visited places such as the ‘left field’ and the ‘green fields’ at Glastonbury Music Festival. This is another example of how the environment has really shaped the political parties I support. I am very passionate about the environment and decided to become a vegetarian at 11 years old and I am  interested in becoming a vegan when I move out. The Green Party is also generally made up of socialists, which is the political movement I mostly agree with.


I also generally support (Old) Labour, which is another left wing party that concentrate on the welfare of the working class. I have recently read a really interesting political book called CHAVS by Owen Jones and it gave me a really interesting insight into the working class and their role in politics and general society and how politics changes their world so dramatically. I learnt a lot about political working class heros and I generally feel like the government have completely let down the working class. The new Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn is a socialist too and someone who I think could make a huge positive impact on the lives of the working class and could reflect the great work the old Labour Party have done in the past.
So they’re the political parties I support. We’d both be really interested to hear you thoughts on who you support and why.

Thank you so much for reading,

Read Ariana’s post here.

Wait… Can I Just Breathe For A Minute?

Let me explain…

My week has been the craziest week in a million forevers. Oh my good god, it was just insane. I am telling you SOOO insane. SOOOO confusing. As a result of this, Raven Wings has been on hiatus.

I’m back though. But if things get any crazier, I don’t know what I’ll do.

So, as any of you who have read posts on my blog might know I am just a little bit obsessed with politics. And I say that with sarcasm. I am not a little bit obsessed with politics. I am VERY obsessed with politics. So obsessed in fact, that I spend my life being involved in politics.

So, this week mainly consisted of that. For the first part of the week, it was the usual writing, reading, cleaning my room. But it was kicked off by a post I published, (which I will not share to protect my privacy) which went all over Facebook, and was very controversial. In fact it went semi-viral. After stressing about hate, things went back to normal. Then on Wednesday I went to a fundraiser for the only person who will prevent Donald Trump from being the United States President. I was 5 feet away from Hillary Clinton while she spoke and was honored and amazed by her presence. Then she looked straight at me for what seemed like a long time, and we smiled at each other and I was so shocked. The person who will probably be President LOOKED at me and smiled at me. I am also getting a thing signed by her. Then, right when I was walking out of a place that seemed like heaven on Earth, good smells, food, nice people, music and fun, I saw a woman from a major news network which I do not like, and she asked me to AirDrop her my photos. Not knowing what network she was from, I did. Then I found out and I was furious. I saw the pictures I had taken on the news that night, as well as a picture of me and my name.

When I woke up in the morning, the first thing I saw in my inbox was that the mayor of a huge city near me who I had met wanted to send me a small gift, and also gave me volunteer opportunities for more political events. I was very excited. I had to get up to go to school, and as I walked in the realization struck me that this was the last time I’d ever take classes at the school I had been a part of for 6 years. Everybody was crying, and hugging, and I was still trying to process it while trying to keep track of yesterday’s events.  Class was over, and it was all done. I would never take a single class there again. I got in the car and went to another class. I had a lot of trouble paying attention because the things on my mind were taking up too much room.

When I got home, I wrote an almost angry email to the reporter at the news station.

I feel like I am missing a whole lot of other things, but I honestly don’t know. Give me a second to breathe.


Rare Occasions

Greetings WordPressers,

I spent most of today inside. I cleaned my room which still needs a lot of organizing but you can see progress in the corners and sides. I’ve dusted off the walls. I’ve moved things around and got rid of things.

I had a book report, which I finished in about 20 minutes.

I also gave my candidate a vote while phone banking from home. This was from a very sweet 90 year old woman in the middle of my state. I don’t like bothering elder people who might want to live their last days in peace, with political phone calls, and bit my lip, as the campaign expected me to talk to anybody. But I was so happy to talk to her on the phone, and she was so sweet to me, and happy to talk to me, when I hung up, I was nearly crying. My mom ran over because she was concerned that I had been emotionally hurt, but the woman was so sweet, and this exchange was so rare, it made me feel emotional in a good way. I set down my headphones and made a tally mark on my notepad.

I am so fortunate to have talked to her. She recognized I was younger because I sound about 7 years younger on the phone, which I don’t like. But, as long as I am getting the vote out I shouldn’t be worrying about that.

I’ve had a very nice, and rather uneventful past week which, in recent months, has been uncommon.

I have school tomorrow, and I have  a few writing assignments. I hope I can stop procrastinating.

Yours Truly,

Empress of Procrastination



New Blog By Experienced Blogger :)

Artistic As Ever

Please check this out, this girl is very cool, and very creative and artistic.


Gallery – Consuelo Parra

I amazed at the talent of Consuelo Parra on DeviantArt. I thought you might want to see some of her work.




An Explanation Of A Hectic Week.

So, I am back to WP after a lot of crazy things happening. A lot of crazy things.

I was just working on giving you prime media on my media library, getting rid of the unnecessary, and getting new stuff that fits well with the over all scheme of this blog, that includes high quality photos and gifs and art etc.

Out of all the things that have been keeping me from blogging are the process of entering a new school, which I will talk about later in this post, the big adventure I had on Friday which included seeing my living inspiration and aspiration, Hillary Clinton (from 30 yards away!!!!😱😱😱), the activities I’m doing, a sleepover, and much more.

So, I am going off to high school next year. It is going to be a big change considering the fact that I homeschool.

This means that I stay home and study but also go off to classes. It is a little confusing. I am a big sucker for language arts and social studies because social studies has politics and language arts is about the invigorating process called writing (and many other things).

A couple days ago  I went to the freshman orientation for my school. I saw all of the others who will be in school with me. I am very excited to join them in studying, and then to go on to college.

I saw some people there, including a girl I went to preschool with. We didn’t know anybody else going to the school, so we kind of just stuck together. I never really played with her when I was little, but it was kind of a coincidence because she happened to be at the same place I was on Friday, so we saw Hillary Clinton together.

I also watched Captain America: Civil War, which I wouldn’t have watched except I was with others who were going.

I didn’t understand any of it, I got really excited when they started talking about politics, but then everything got blown up. I was very frustrated. (I hope I made that spoiler-free!)

I got a new app on my iPhone called Camera Plus, and it is Photography Queen. I am telling you. It is only free for this week, so if you can find it in the app store get it. It also lets you make movies that looks like they are edited, (you can pause your video while filming it). Since I love filming, and photography is something I also like, this was pretty exciting for me. Oh, and I forgot, you can do all this cool editing on it too.

So here are a couple songs that I either LOVE or just started liking a little bit. I might bring this playlist up every now and then, because it’s ALWAYS changing.



Happy Wednesday!

A. M. W.


I’m An Author At The Artistics…

Currently, I am at Eleanor’s house writing, because she is writing. I would like to tell you something very exciting…

I am so greatly honored to be granted a position as a writer at The Artistics, an online magazine created by fellow blogger Jerrod. I am very happy to be working with a team of bloggers who are all talented and creative writers.

I know a lot of the staff and am excited to see how the first issue turns out. I know I’m a little bit of a latecomer to the project, but the whole thing seemed so tempting I had to inquire.


Thank you world!



100 Things To Do To Improve Your Blog

So yesterday I sat down with Babble, my blogging notebook, randomly grabbed a pen, and made a list on things I needed to do in order to improve my blog. It evolved into a post itself, so I thought I would share it with you. Before I begin, let me say that the first few items are a lot different than the last. It evolves, let’s say.

  1. Better featured images.
  2. More reader outreach and support.
  3. Links at the end of each post.
  4. Playlists for moody posts.
  5. Make sure no matter how different your blog would look if you changed it, people would recognize you through your voice.
  6. Have a blogging notebook!
  7. Space between paragraphs. This way your posts are bite sized and not overwhelming.
  8. Inspire other readers.
  9. More guest posts.
  10. Don’t forget a light touch of humor.
  11. Words and a little bit of color.
  12. Medium sized images that don’t clash.
  13. Relate to your readers. Relatable! Relatable! Relatable!
  14. Take out things like “I guess,” and “just”.
  15. Reach out to blogs like yours.
  16. Post things readers would look forward to seeing.
  17. Let yourself be out there, in away that you are still safe however.
  18. Make updates exciting.
  19. More lists.
  20. Make binge-reading your blog a lifestyle element for your readers.
  21. Meet all the scenarios a blogger might read your blog for: Community, stuff to read, reliability, inspiration.
  22. Stay decluttered.
  23. Love what you write.
  24. Make your posts timeless.
  25. Don’t write in a way that excludes people.
  26. Never fill space with useless stuff just to make the post long.
  27. Act unashamed an unapologetic.
  28. Make your blog feel like a haven for your readers.
  29. Be welcoming and inviting.
  30. Be simple.
  31. Share! Share! Share!
  32. Don’t let your blog only be one thing, tags, links.
  33. Don’t post when you really don’t want to.
  34. Rarely complain.
  35. Don’t talk about ugly things, except for in a beautiful sense.
  36. Don’t explain things you don’t understand yourself.
  37. Don’t sound uppity.
  38. Set examples.
  39. BE POSITIVE, the best blogs are positive.
  40. Be slightly poetic.
  41. Use correct grammar.
  42. Acknowledge comments.
  43. Don’t be repetitive.
  44. Be original.
  45. Stand out in a good way.
  46. Have an original theme, as in appearance.
  47. Follow through.
  48. Don’t feed third party programs on your blogs, unless you can dedicate space to it.
  49. Feel free to do anything.
  50. Don’t contradict yourself.
  51. Let inspiration guide you, not bind you.
  52. Don’t hide things with more sightly things.
  53. Don’t take too long preparing your post.
  54. Have fun.
  55. Find the positive aspects of your blog and blogging.
  56. Be straightforward yet metaphorical.
  57. Enjoy your posts as much as your readers do.
  58. Be supportive yet not too instructive.
  59. Give your posts simple categories.
  60. Make your blog accessible.
  61. Make your blog easy to navigate.
  62. Learn from successful bloggers.
  63. Don’t bring up controversial topics, unless your post is dedicated to those controversial topics.
  64. Free stock photos are your friend.
  65. Photo editors are your friend.
  66. Be creative.
  67. Let the people who say the best quotes be your mentors.
  68. Use polls.
  69. Read what you want to read.
  70. Notice what you click on in your reader, and model after that.
  71. People love YOU, not your blog.
  72. Don’t be the black sheep on purpose, but notice if you are making choices just so you’ll end up like everyone else.
  73. Muse.
  74. Don’t brag
  75. Let your emotions show.
  76. Be yourself.
  77. Share important things you’ve learned.
  78. Be colorful, (but not if the colors don’t literally go well together.)
  79. Never take the advice of others as offense, but be willing to learn.
  80. Be humble
  81. Don’t copy the voices of others
  82. Followers and likes are not everything.
  83. Post content that best shows yourself.
  85. This is your life, not your reader’s.
  86. Don’t feel pressured to write.
  87. Tell the truth.
  88. Try not to be too biased.
  89. Try not to be influenced by unhealthy obsessions.
  90. Count your blessings and add “and counting” about the people in your community.
  91. Don’t be ashamed.
  92. Don’t set too many expectations.
  93. Meditate on this: What made Zoe Sugg successful?
  94. Be what you want.
  95. Share your wisdom.
  96. Spotify is your friend.
  97. Look outside for inspiration.
  98. Look for messages within the mood.
  99. Think carefully, but be fearless and keep your options open.
  100. Don’t ever give up.

Blog Update

Hi friends,

I have been feeling a little confined about what and how to post, since I started my blog. It definitely evolved from art galleries and poems, which really only lasted a few weeks. I feel like I need to be able to do whatever I want without trying to follow what my blog was in the beginning. But, I am not going to delete ANY posts, I might change things up a little bit including theme, but I won’t be deleting any posts, because I see them as precious, “historic” material.

I really need the freedom to do whatever with Raven Wings. I might be playing around with things for the next few hours or days.

Thanks for the support!



April Favorites

Didn’t I say I’d put pictures up for March Favorites? And it’s been a month. Oh well.

Well this time, I’m going to give you pictures, and the whole shebang. Sit back and enjoy.



Pandora! My favorite station is definitely Beyoncé & Shakira radio, it has lots of fun songs that are very danceable, and a fair dose of latin music too.



Giving myself boring* reading assignments and making myself read them.


Everything I Never Told You Tosha is a virtuoso of words, and her poems simply move my heart. Once I just binge-read them.



My favorite film this month was Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon from the early 2000s. It was really fun to watch all the female fighters fighting each other and being badass. It was also very melancholy and the soundtrack was beautiful, and so was the scenery.


The runner-up would be Star Wars: The Force Awakens. Rey is so amazing.


I’ve been listening to a huge amount of Beyoncé this month.


Having any problems? Emotional? All I needed this month was my phone, which is stocked full of Beyoncé songs, and some earbuds, and everything’s fixed.  Well, maybe not that fixed. My most replayed songs of hers this month are:

  1. 7/11

This is AMAZING. It just makes me want to those hard-to-understand dance moves.

2. Formation

This song is very empowering, and the music video is even better.

3.  Pretty Hurts

Also very empowering, and almost sad, but also wise. Ack. I don’t know how to describe it. For those of you who listen to Melanie Martinez and know the song Mrs. Potato Head, this song is about the exact same thing.

And for the second part of my music section, I will introduce my favorite song from this month that isn’t 7/11:


This song is basically one of those feel good songs, if you listen to it enough. It has latin influences and cool guitar.

Top Beauty Things

As a middle-class citizen of America, one must play their role as a consumer (haha). I had the opportunity to shop more this month than any other month, so… here is some consumer stuff:


Thanks for reading, and I hope that you gained some knowledge about the best stuff.

With love to the universe,


*boring to anybody but me, and anybody who is interested in international relations.