April Favorites

Didn’t I say I’d put pictures up for March Favorites? And it’s been a month. Oh well.

Well this time, I’m going to give you pictures, and the whole shebang. Sit back and enjoy.



Pandora! My favorite station is definitely Beyoncé & Shakira radio, it has lots of fun songs that are very danceable, and a fair dose of latin music too.



Giving myself boring* reading assignments and making myself read them.


Everything I Never Told You Tosha is a virtuoso of words, and her poems simply move my heart. Once I just binge-read them.



My favorite film this month was Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon from the early 2000s. It was really fun to watch all the female fighters fighting each other and being badass. It was also very melancholy and the soundtrack was beautiful, and so was the scenery.


The runner-up would be Star Wars: The Force Awakens. Rey is so amazing.


I’ve been listening to a huge amount of Beyoncé this month.


Having any problems? Emotional? All I needed this month was my phone, which is stocked full of Beyoncé songs, and some earbuds, and everything’s fixed.  Well, maybe not that fixed. My most replayed songs of hers this month are:

  1. 7/11

This is AMAZING. It just makes me want to those hard-to-understand dance moves.

2. Formation

This song is very empowering, and the music video is even better.

3.  Pretty Hurts

Also very empowering, and almost sad, but also wise. Ack. I don’t know how to describe it. For those of you who listen to Melanie Martinez and know the song Mrs. Potato Head, this song is about the exact same thing.

And for the second part of my music section, I will introduce my favorite song from this month that isn’t 7/11:


This song is basically one of those feel good songs, if you listen to it enough. It has latin influences and cool guitar.

Top Beauty Things

As a middle-class citizen of America, one must play their role as a consumer (haha). I had the opportunity to shop more this month than any other month, so… here is some consumer stuff:


Thanks for reading, and I hope that you gained some knowledge about the best stuff.

With love to the universe,


*boring to anybody but me, and anybody who is interested in international relations.



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