Blog Update

Hi friends,

I have been feeling a little confined about what and how to post, since I started my blog. It definitely evolved from art galleries and poems, which really only lasted a few weeks. I feel like I need to be able to do whatever I want without trying to follow what my blog was in the beginning. But, I am not going to delete ANY posts, I might change things up a little bit including theme, but I won’t be deleting any posts, because I see them as precious, “historic” material.

I really need the freedom to do whatever with Raven Wings. I might be playing around with things for the next few hours or days.

Thanks for the support!



7 thoughts on “Blog Update

  1. happyalexx

    I’ll always be here to support you and your amazing blog. Do whatever you feel is right and if you’re loosing direction maybe try to watch/read other bloggers/vloggers to gain inspiration. You’re an extremely talented and passionate person Ariana and I aspire for my blog to be as good as yours, I know that whatever content you will create, that it will be fantastic ❤


    • Ariana

      Thank you, Alex, I will be putting out the same content, but I feel like I’ll have more confidence to. I’m really happy to have such supportive readers like you though, it makes a huge difference.

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  2. parisianpages

    This is something I struggled with and still do, it’s trying to play into being this normal blogger but I’ve learning that what I post is up to me and as long as I like it it’s all that matters
    In glad to read that you will keep your posts because that is something I regret myself. I delete everything all the time for a fresh start but it’s not a good thing because I’m not keeping memories.
    I will always support you whatever you may chops so do you girl 😊👌🏿


  3. PrivatePublicGirl

    You post whatever you want to! That’s the whole point! To be your true self, to get off your chest whatever is bothering you, and for readers to appreciate that and accept that! I am sure it can be hard sometimes to find you own path and follow it, but just stick to being yourself and it will all work out! 🙂

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