100 Things To Do To Improve Your Blog

So yesterday I sat down with Babble, my blogging notebook, randomly grabbed a pen, and madeย a list on things I needed to do in order to improve my blog. It evolved into a post itself, so I thought I would share it with you. Before I begin, let me say that the first few items are a lot different than the last. It evolves, let’s say.

  1. Better featured images.
  2. More reader outreach and support.
  3. Links at the end of each post.
  4. Playlists for moody posts.
  5. Make sure no matter how different your blog would look if you changed it, people would recognize you through your voice.
  6. Have a blogging notebook!
  7. Space between paragraphs. This way your posts are bite sized and not overwhelming.
  8. Inspire other readers.
  9. More guest posts.
  10. Don’t forget a light touch of humor.
  11. Words and a little bit of color.
  12. Medium sized images that don’t clash.
  13. Relate to your readers. Relatable! Relatable! Relatable!
  14. Take out things like “I guess,” and “just”.
  15. Reach out to blogs like yours.
  16. Post things readers would look forward to seeing.
  17. Let yourself be out there, in away that you are still safe however.
  18. Make updates exciting.
  19. More lists.
  20. Make binge-reading your blog a lifestyle element for your readers.
  21. Meet all the scenarios a blogger might read your blog for: Community, stuff to read, reliability, inspiration.
  22. Stay decluttered.
  23. Love what you write.
  24. Make your posts timeless.
  25. Don’t write in a way that excludes people.
  26. Never fill space with useless stuff just to make the post long.
  27. Act unashamed an unapologetic.
  28. Make your blog feel like a haven for your readers.
  29. Be welcoming and inviting.
  30. Be simple.
  31. Share! Share! Share!
  32. Don’t let your blog only be one thing, tags, links.
  33. Don’t post when you really don’t want to.
  34. Rarely complain.
  35. Don’t talk about ugly things, except for in a beautiful sense.
  36. Don’t explain things you don’t understand yourself.
  37. Don’t sound uppity.
  38. Set examples.
  39. BE POSITIVE, the best blogs are positive.
  40. Be slightly poetic.
  41. Use correct grammar.
  42. Acknowledge comments.
  43. Don’t be repetitive.
  44. Be original.
  45. Stand out in a good way.
  46. Have an original theme, as in appearance.
  47. Follow through.
  48. Don’t feed third party programs on your blogs, unless you can dedicate space to it.
  49. Feel free to do anything.
  50. Don’t contradict yourself.
  51. Let inspiration guide you, not bind you.
  52. Don’t hide things with more sightly things.
  53. Don’t take too long preparing your post.
  54. Have fun.
  55. Find the positive aspects of your blog and blogging.
  56. Be straightforward yet metaphorical.
  57. Enjoy your posts as much as your readers do.
  58. Be supportive yet not too instructive.
  59. Give your posts simple categories.
  60. Make your blog accessible.
  61. Make your blog easy to navigate.
  62. Learn from successful bloggers.
  63. Don’t bring up controversial topics, unless your post is dedicated to those controversial topics.
  64. Free stock photos are your friend.
  65. Photo editors are your friend.
  66. Be creative.
  67. Let the people who say the best quotes be your mentors.
  68. Use polls.
  69. Read what you want to read.
  70. Notice what you click on in your reader, and model after that.
  71. People love YOU, not your blog.
  72. Don’t be the black sheep on purpose, but notice if you are making choices just so you’ll end up like everyone else.
  73. Muse.
  74. Don’t brag
  75. Let your emotions show.
  76. Be yourself.
  77. Share important things you’ve learned.
  78. Be colorful, (but not if the colors don’t literally go well together.)
  79. Never take the advice of others as offense, but be willing to learn.
  80. Be humble
  81. Don’t copy the voices of others
  82. Followers and likes are not everything.
  83. Post content that best shows yourself.
  85. This is your life, not your reader’s.
  86. Don’t feel pressured to write.
  87. Tell the truth.
  88. Try not to be too biased.
  89. Try not to be influenced by unhealthy obsessions.
  90. Count your blessings and add “and counting” about the people in your community.
  91. Don’t be ashamed.
  92. Don’t set too many expectations.
  93. Meditate on this: What made Zoe Sugg successful?
  94. Be what you want.
  95. Share your wisdom.
  96. Spotify is your friend.
  97. Look outside for inspiration.
  98. Look for messages within the mood.
  99. Think carefully, but be fearless and keep your options open.
  100. Don’t ever give up.

28 thoughts on “100 Things To Do To Improve Your Blog

  1. Idle Muser

    An amazing list. I never thought one can count of even 20 such things, but you did for 100. Quite impressive. ๐Ÿ˜‰ ๐Ÿ™‚
    But I have a question. What is it with 14th point? I mean why not to use such words.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Ariana

      Thank you! I’m happy you enjoyed it.
      My reason for #14 was that it can be easier for one (me at least ๐Ÿ˜‚) to read posts when such words aren’t there, when used, they seem to not go straight to the point. It makes the writing more eloquent. However that is a skill that I have to work on too! Again thank you for reading!

      Liked by 1 person

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